Disinfectant, we put that sh*t on everything

A few timely updates to this older post through memes..need I say more? A laugh followed by tears..perhaps the education system needed to include more on introductory medicine and health for us all..

”blink twice for help”-my fave caption of Rr.Birx’s reaction to Trump

I remember when studying history or hearing my mom and grandpa talk about the olden days in Europe when sometimes during communist or war times there were queues for toilet paper and other essentials that were scarce and rationed out. And as any young student I thought that’s behind us-that it was all before the digital and technological age. But I guess now we know what the future generation will be reading about our generation in history books. That we could put men not only in space, but some could dream of going on vacations to space- and yet that we and our governments couldn’t prepare a little ahead for one virus and all that comes with it. That the leader of the most powerful country in the world, told people to inject themselves with bleach. That people fought first over toilet paper, and then over whether or not to wear a mask in an establishment whose policy it was to do so during the pandemic, and it started transforming into a political statement.

Clearly the pandemic has shown us some societal issues, how valuing individualism does not always serve us in times like these and some preventative issues that hopefully our society learns and grows from.

Had there just been some earlier border control of non-essential flights or at least temperatures checked going into an airport etc., or some common sense when choosing if to travel, or to prevent it in the first place some international policies about safe animal and food practices to help prevent bats spreading diseases due to the Wet market or live markets, etc, then Canada, the US, and most of the world would perhaps not be in the state of emergency it is now. And for heavens sake, to have put controls earlier to prevent dirty “business” people from massive stockpiling essentials ahead of time to re-sell on eBay or Amazon as I heard in the street for $1 per toilet paper roll or $80 hand sanitizer, face masks etc. I was aware last month it would make a good business, but a dirty one of essentialy scalping toilet paper and sanitizers, that should be punishable by law and fines as scalping, but worse, as those are needed not only for the public to keep themselves and others safe, but for medical clinics and hospitals.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

I would think that with all the worldwide work lost, money loss, bankruptcies, economy and market in the tank, closures, shortages and probably stockpiling costs, as well as the environmental impact later of the panicked stockpiling (though at the moment clean plastic bags for produce etc would be more helpful than having a plastic bag-ban and therefore more handling with dirtied gloves that were used for hours-see this article regarding the war on plastic bags on grocery items creating more transmission ground for viruses and bacteria, be it Corona or salmonella, E.Coli, etc), and most people’s and companies’ efforts now being spent on sanitizing round the clock, that it would have been worth it for everyone and every government to play it safe before and that decisive actions must be taken so some people don’t keep neglecting the social distancing. And I’m sure our governments will learn from this—since clearly without government limits, with our human nature most people will first not want to stress it and continue to travel etc then collectively panic if things get out of hand and weren’t controlled earlier, then that panic only leads to more shortages etc, first started by those taking advantage of stockpiling, etc. And Im thankful that we live in Canada and that Trudeau is doing his best to assure Canadians of receiving help as needed in the future.

But I guess now we will know one day what it’s like to have another generation read about us in history books or have us tell them or advise them that we once dealt with crazy panic shortages during a pandemic and having the youngsters simply shrug off how primitive or paranoid our society was and how silly our governments were and laugh that it would never happen in their lifetime and with their technologies and better understanding. We now have a taste of our light smart-ass days as students and adults thinking those were the olden days and our generation wouldn’t react like that. All the people, including those who preach “the Secret” and law of attraction like it’s a religion to others struggling with real problems, now collectively having to realize a real threat and collectively sanitizing, stockpiling and wearing face masks (meant for medical professionals) if only they can get their hands on some-but most can’t. Now I’m not judging, proactive precautions are very important. Some resonable precautions should have been taken earlier. But the empty shelves and limits on basics go to show that at the end of the day most human beings are very similair in their stress reaction. But I guess if we always think that things like health threats and bigger problems only happen to other people and that stress reactions manifest only among other people who worry too easily or attracted this to themselves-rather than understanding that stress can pile onto people from life circumstances and anyone can get something or fear getting something, and that it’s never us-then I guess this is how it just begins to feel to be “other people” for a week. We are now other people. Pretty surreal and unbelievable eh? I only say this as there are always lessons, should we choose to accept them, in understanding and compassion-because ultimately when put into someone’s shoes/stress we would react similarly-and if can’t admit it about ourselves,then the empty store shelves will for us.

take no credit for the pic

And hopefully this is just acute stress not a chronic stress that will get under control and fade soon. Because afterall we need to find time to meditate, relax and do something enjoyable daily to keep up our immune system now, since at the end of the day we usually catch a flu or cold when exhausted and stressed.

Boy do I miss when the big talk and uproar in world was about Shakira and JLo’s superbowl halftime show. Excuse me while I go tune out to some fun music and entertainment now to unwind preserve my sanity in the midst of non-stop SARS-CoV-2 (the now official name for Covid-19) news and panic..

But hopefully you can get out to enjoy the sunshine! And if not I will try to post some breathwork meditation videos or bellydance videos or healthy vitamin rich recipes soon- you know once I can find a spot to film while keeping social distancing (sigh). And when I manage to get some hand sanitizer or my finances in order, and when we all relax a little :p

when this is over, may we never take for granted a friendly hug or group event, a deep breath or rec centre class or even a relaxing trip to the grocery store with full shelves to look at nice fresh ingredients for exciting new cooking projects- even in our century and country.

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