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Useful hobbies in quarantine

So you’re bored in the house and in the house bored. Yes it sucks, but here are the cool things you can learn and create along the way!

Balcony gardening: Grow your own food and add a little greenery and caretaking for living things to your quarantine routine.

A windowsill herb garden or a balcony garden..You don’t need a garden to grow lettuce, swiss chard, spinach or kale. And you don’t even need a balcony to grow herbs such as basil, cilantro, parsley, dill, chives/scallions, thyme, oregano, etc. See this link for more ideas. And once you have your own herbs and greens toss them into the new quarantine recipes you are learning! Its a double whammy opportunity to learn essential life skills to be more self-sufficient!

Get started now and reap the reward this spring and summer 🙂

Kid’s Food Crafts and Kid’s games ideas..keep them occupied and well fed! And teach them the essential life skills that clearly our technology age is not above (you never thought everyone would be baking their own bread did you?). A lot of these no-bake recipes are flourless cakes and desserts, so save your flour for bread or don’t worry if there is a shortage!

Keep yourself sane, happy and healthy with meditation, yoga and home workouts, no weights, no dumbells, no gym, no problem!

And if you find yourelf bored and restless, and if you are healthy and aren’t afraid of going outside (or don’t mind working virtually to help people with access issues such as blindness or sewing face masks) instead of going outside to the beach in groups see if that energy can be spent helping someone who perhaps doesn’t have the luxury of going out in quarantine and people with disabilities are struggling now. I only wish the people protesting the quarantine because they want to go to the beach, or the people endangering not only themselves but health care workers by going to tattoo parlours or nail salons, would express their courage, restlessness and energy on something more considerate, such as doing a Food Bank delivery for the disabled, if not having the patience, or seeing the need, to stay home.

Or simply reach out with the amazing technology we have these days like Zoom and Facetime and simply…the telephone.

Here is an article on compassion as well if you are looking for some reading.

Speaking of masks..Learn to sew some face masks for yourself, your family and perhaps your neighbors! All you need is some thread, needle, an old tshirt or bedsheet, pipe cleaners to pinch and secure around your nose and some elastics for the ear loops. Here are the instructions on sewing face masks by the CDC. Remember to read about how to properly put them on, take them off, and clean them. And to still abide social distancing regulations given by authorities as masks do not make you invincible, they just are better than nothing.

Quarantine Tik Tok Challenges such as the Pillow challenge, comedy and laughs..laughter is therapeutic

Reading, writing,and updating your technology skills are other indoor activities to do. If you don’t like reading but like multi-tasking Amazon Prime also offers Audible. Doctor Mike (Varshavsky), bringing us medically accurate info through his Youtube channel, has hilariously stated that he hasn’t owned many books in his life, he is an auditory learner he says, and a guy who seems to get an insane amount of stuff done. Amazon also features Storytime, for kids and adults, if you are tired of telling your kids the stories all day in quarantine.

Painting (including paint by numbers) is an artistic hobby. To see an example turn off ad blocker or use a browser without it on if you cannot see the image below.

Coloring can also be relaxing artistically expressive hobbies. As can dancing in the living room! Music is wonderfully cathartic. If you already have Amazon Prime for free 1 or 2 day deliveries then you can access their Prime Music and Prime Video.

There are of course the more boring but necessary things like organizing files..oof can’t say I’ve gotten around to this one yet, but I must!

how about you what have you found to be great activities in lockdown?

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