Powerful videos about the George Floyd protests

This is footage of Desiree Barnes, a black woman in a community destroyed by protests giving a raw and powerful speech. It is not fair to lump all protesters together with the looters who get the most media coverage and give a skewed representation of reality when there are many peaceful protesters. In fact if you watch the video closely to the end, as she points out not a single of the looters in that scenario were even black. We cannot lump looters into the same category as black activists and peaceful protesters. The sad reality is if people don’t protest injustices they don’t get heard.

Here faith leaders such as bishops and priests speak out about Trump sanctioning tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a peaceful protesters in order to clear the path so that Trump could have a photo-op holding a Bible (upsidedown) in front of the church which he did not attend. “He makes a mockery of Christianity” one said as his actions of violence and fostering hatred are “antithetical to the teachings of Jesus”.

One person commented on a Trump video saying that similarly to Germany in Nazi times the military and police know what they are doing in many cases against peaceful protesters is wrong, but they just follow orders. Although I wouldn’t say that America is totally like Nazi Germany (not because I think Trump is a good person, but perhaps because he is not as smart or powerful as Hitler) but I think there is some truth to this point.

And on the lighter side here is a Jimmy Kimmel video on the George Floyd protests and Trump’s photo-op with the Bible (talk about using God’s name in vain). Ironically enough, Jimmy, a comedian, is being a voice of reason, while a reality TV show celebrity is now the president of one the most powerful countries in the world, and rather than de-escalating the situation, he is adding fuel to it.

When future generations will read our history, especially American history in 2020 with all that’s happened this year (from COVID-19 and the US presidents speech on bleach injections, to George Floyd and how protests were dealt with by the US president) they will think we were just some backwards people and that this couldn’t happen in their advanced time, the same way we assumed when we read history about horrible things that happened some 80 years ago or so or some 60 years ago.

One would hope that the most effective future protest would be to not let this “leader” lead again. He was bad in enough in good times let alone hard times (only perhaps some didn’t notice his values, or lack thereof, until it affected them directly with COVID-19)..and he is still using his motto of MAGA/ Make America Great Again? Again? America was rooted in slavery and racism. But people have the power to vote for who will be their leader and soon!

Is that too much to state? Is it going to ruffle feathers? Consider it a peaceful protest and standing in solidarity. There is systemic racism and systematic injustice, discrimination and killing of black people by police in the States, as compared to white people. There is a stark contrast in numbers when compared. We need to move forward to decrease the injustices in this world and all the privileges (white privilege, able-bodied-privilege, etc) that exist must be acknowledged. Leaders are supposed to create positive progress and de-escalate problems, not go backwards.

Here is a video by Doctor Mike, a credible source of COVID-19 info, who also gives his opinion on protests, gives safety advice, and who also stands in solidarity.

And in some cases an almost constrained silence and body language speak louder than words, as is the case of Justin Trudeau’s 21 second silence when asked to comment on Trump’s actions.

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