2020 New Years resolutions vs. Reality

January 2020 Resolutions, oh yeah remember those? From like a decade ago?


Resolution: Step out of my comfort zone. Reality: Spending most days in solitary confinement. I have never been more trapped in my comfort zone and yet there is nothing comforting about it. In 2021 (or whenever the vaccine is ready really) I will either binge on rampaging out of my comfort zone or I will have become a robot.

Resolution: Save money. Reality: I think I just spent a small fortune on overpriced toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant and sanitizer.

Resoultion: Quit sugar and alcohol. Reality: Took up day drinking. I mean drinking alone is not a problem if everyone is drinking alone right? If this is you, see my Quarantini (in my neighbour’s words, “ a martini you drink alone”) and Bellini recipes under “drinks”.

Resolution: Reduce screen time. Reality: hahah, we were so young when we made these resolutions..

Resolution: Cook and eat healthy. Reality: They told us to snack often. Potato chips are from the potato food group and wine is just crushed grapes.

Resolution: Build my blog and share it on all social media platforms to gain following. Reality: Can’t even turn on the internet without saying this prayer first:

Tv and internet used to be a place of escape and logical answers to google queries. These days after seeing what the news and social media have in store for us, many just want to crawl back into bed. Or need a glass of wine.

Resolution: I will Marie Kondo the sh*t out of my closet. Reality: the space under my bed is now storage space for paper towels and I have to Frogger around my tiny apartment to not trip over canned chickpeas. But the news told me to be a hoarder, so it’s not abnormal…

Resolution: Get up early and go to pilates. Reality: Roll out of bed late, sleep is good for the immune system afterall. Have no concept of time or date anymore.

Resolution: Grow and thrive instead of just surviving. Reality: Making it out alive and well from 2020 is a serious life goal and feat. Seeing friends and hugging would be groundbreaking.

Watched a Youtube interview of a brain surgeon explaining the grooves we form in our brain and got inspired to change bad habits.

Reality: I will need therapy for OCD handwashing and being virusphobic. I may also need social integration training. Are we still expected to shake hands at job interviews? What an uncivilized societal ritual. And what are bras but wire cages? Forget anti-mask, how about anti-bra? :p

And even Jimmy Kimmel admitted he forgot how to drive during quarantine 😛

Resolution: Meditate on a meaningful mantra daily. Reality: Oommm, forget all the conspiracy theorists of social media for today…there will be plenty more tomorrow..

Repeat this Mantra until you feel peace:

Or this one

Resolution: Read more on a variety of subjects. Reality: Just try to preserve sanity and brain cells when reading and hearing of the stuff on the media..

Jimmy’s Trump rally hat to MAGA

Resolution: Watch a Neil Degrasse Tyson Masterclass on the Scientific method of thinking. Also study further into the fascinating world of logical fallacies. Reality: Get a crash course in logical fallacies by the people who live and breathe them. we may see Darwinism unfold before our eyes. Sadly innocent people will be affected too by the Flat earthers (or rather -earth-revolves-around-me “free thinkers”)

Oh the difference that one oxygen atom can make….and that is why we trust the scientific and medical authorities rather than Instagram Influencers “doing their own research” especially on bigger issues such as vaccines, etc.

This was pasted form Buzzfeed’s article on Dumb posts against masks. They state Anti-maskers are the new anti-vaxxers. I don’t even worry about the mask debate so much as the logic of the anti-maskers and Freedom Fighters, most of whom we can be sure are also going to be anti-vaxxers and well anti-anything-that-doens’t-suit-them.

Has the education system failed us? Is American education too expensive for the majority? Or were the anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists of today the same people that skipped science class, because they know better than the medical and scientific community and must defy all authorities? Did they also skip history class and consider oppression to be Costco having a mask policy? Judging by that article they also skipped grammar class and lessons on irony. But they are the loudest and proudest in their “research and knowledge” and everyone else to them is a dumb sheep. But I prefer to listen to what the credible scientific authorities (who have spent billions on research by scientists who are specialists in that field and are going to have much better research than our narrow-vision google search, which is often the “epitome of confirmation bias” in the words of Mr.Neil Degrasse Tyson), and to what the doctors and virologists say and the vaccines they propose, than to get my medical advice from people who can’t even spell immune system ( You can find more examples of posts on Buzzfeed’s article, I have digressed from my resolutions now..)

Resolution: Travel more. Maybe check out somewhere warm in the States like Florida.

Reality: hold that thought….

Breaking news: Majority of Canadians don’t want to open the U.S. border

(if you are American please don’t be offended I am sure you are one of the many educated and kind ones and not the ones we see on the media. I am not going to get into a day-long discussion with you in the comments over this, as you can see I have many things on my to do list that I need to get on top of :P)

Article written sometime in Junetember of 2020

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