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Pecan pumpkin pie with coconut oil pie crust

A mashup of the two best pies: pecan pie and pumpkin pie! Pecan pumpkin pie that’s dairy free and with a healthy coconut oil pie crust, then topped with maple candied pecans

Dairy-free chicken pot pie with healthy pie crust recipe

Chicken pot pie or turkey pot pie to use up leftover turkey over the holidays. (Individual chicken pot pies or traditional chicken pot pie)
Healthier, better pot pies made with natural butter flavor coconut oil pie pastry so that you can’t taste the coconut oil in these savory pot pies and its soy free! Dairy free chicken pot pies or turkey pot pies. These healthy pot pies are made with a cream made of cauliflower purée and natural butter flavor coconut oil for rich taste! Individual ramekin pot pies or 1 traditional pot pie (with 2 pie shells) with healthy pie crust or an easy hack for using frozen pie shells to make it simpler and quicker. Spelt crust or traditional crust can be used to make it as healthy or indulgent as you like