Category: Anti-inflammatory diet

(low sugar, dairy free, turmeric/ginger foods)

Dairy free Mango sherbert cakes

Mango-raspberry sherbet cakes (dairy-free)

Mini mango raspberry icecream cake (dairy-free, no bake). No cashews and no tofu in these mini cakes because theres just no need for every vegan cake to be a vegan cashew cheesecake!

Lockdown meals (pantry recipes)

Lockdown and bookmark these healthy recipes to pull out during quarantine months and use up the Covid-19 stockpiling staples, dry goods and canned foods you bought! note: I will need to update these links to include the new domain address. Meantime, check out these recipes in the search […]

Mediterranean shrimp roasted veggies (one-pan meal)

If you love a one-and-done meal that is foolproof for even the novice cook (or stressed quarantine cook), give this oven-baked shrimp with herbs and potatoes recipe a try. A dish that even those who hate shrimp (like my mom) will love! Just a few simple ingredients of pantry and freezer staples, and one-pan for the ultimate one-pot meal and quarantine meal that you will be making long past lockdown days.