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The best Thanksgiving recipes is now** the old domain will not work

You will want to lockdown and bookmark these simple, healthy holiday recipes for Canadian or American Thanksgiving as well as Christmas! There are options for flexitarians, vegans and vegetarians, dairy-intolerant, paleo and gluten-free.

Easy Thanksgiving dishes from appies, soups, salads and sides to leftover turkey recipes and of course pumpkin desserts! Healthy Thanksgiving recipes that happen to be mostly gluten-free, paleo, lactose-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan recipes so everyone of every diet type can be included over the holidays:

If you are entertaining (or just making a delicious soup for yourself anytime during pumpkin season) start things off with a cream of pumpkin and butternut squash soup with apples and coconut milk. The best pumpkin soup bar none, and best soup period, as well as one of the best butternut squash recipes for the holidays, with a close second being the pomegranate squash kale salad below.

A simple healthy sweet potato casserole: maple pumpkin spice mashed sweet potatoes with toasted maple walnuts, pecans and coconut..practically a sweet potato pie dessert!

or instead have some bacon loaded hasselback potatoes

and pair it with honey roasted carrots, or spice it up with these red harissa hony glazed carrots (the honey can be omitted for a delicious Whole 30 and keto Christmas dinner side)

and an easy massaged kale salad with easy diy pomegranate balsamic dressing, garnished with pomegranate airils for a decorative holiday side,

OR a rustic vegan stuffed maple acorn squash with maple pumpkin spice, wild rice, pecans and cranberries

For dessert, share some pecan pumpkin pie or a pumpkin coconut cream pie with diy coconut oil pie crust or make it a gluten-free, paleo vegan (pegan) Thanksgiving dessert with pumpkin coconut mousse topped with coconut whip and candied nuts (and don’t worry you can’t taste the coconut in any of these desserts except for the coconut whip on top. So these desserts have been approved by those who don’t like coconut too!)

And for Thanksgiving and Christmas meal ideas or to use up leftover turkey, be sure to check out the dairy free turkey pot pie soup or dairy free chicken pot pie soup! Best way of using turkey leftovers, plus its paleo/whole 30 and it also has a vegan pot pie soup option!

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