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Fruit Bellini recipe (Cactus Club copycat)

Ya know ya want some….

A tropical, fruity bellini cocktail that is fruit sweetened and naturally flavored, but you won’t be able to tell because it tastes like the Cactus Club Cafe Bellini machine mix cocktail/Frose machine cocktail and it is downright delicious!

Nothing beats mango and watermelon on a hot day, but did you know they taste fantastic together? They actually form a slushie bellini machine flavour that can compete with Cactus Club bellinis any day, but healthier and sugar-free!

1 Mini watermelon

1 large ripe tommy atkins mango (or two ataulfo mangoes)

Sweet rose wine, about 2 glasses/half bottle, Moscato is nice and sweet, I used a cheap bottle I enjoy,

Splash of vodka, optional

Blend all in highspeed blender.

Freeze in a freezer bag or a freezer safe container for several hours or days. It will not become brick hard because alcohol has a low freezing point.

Scoop it out or if it’s become a little hard crush it a bit with the spoon or spatula first.

If you left it in the freezer for a week and if you don’t have a high-speed blender suited to solids and making sorbet and frozen desserts, then add a glass or so of rose wine or sweet white wine to get it to blend.

Blend in high speed blender. If desired drizzle with raspberry liquor for that two flavoured Bellini with gorgeous color.

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