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Frosé sorbet (no-churn)

How to make no churn ice cream that doesn’t harden and crystallize and keeps a few weeks in the freezer?

Well, here is a little trick and tip: Booze it up! Really, alcohol has a low freezing point, and even simply adding Rose wine keeps the frose sorbet soft and with a pleasant texture without big ice crystals.

This frosé sorbet doesnt require an ice cream making machine and unlike other-no-churn, no-machine ice cream, it doesn’t become rock hard and crystallized if left in the freezer over 4 hours (you can leave it in for 1-2 weeks, it never lasts longer for me).


Frozen rapsberries and/or strawberries/frozen strawberry slices, approx 875-970 grams (Honestly this recipe is very flexible and forgiving as to the amount)

1 bottle sweet Rose wine such as mascato ( a $10 bottle by Barefoot is what I like)

optional: 1/4-1/3 cup sugar or simple sugar to taste, especially if using raspberries or if your rose wine isn’t very sweet

Place all in a high speed blender and blend. Adjust sugar to taste, freezing reduces sweetness so make it a little sweeter than you like it. Blend again.

Place a large sieve (or sieve colander) over a large wide mixing bowl to strain out the hard raspberry seeds (they can’t be chewed throuh in solid foods). Use a wooden spoon or spatula to press the raspberry puree and juice through the sieve.

Place in freezer safe tupperware and freeze. It will not be solid withing 2-3 hours as other no churn sorbets as the alchol makes it harder to freeze, so if you want solid sorbet scoops wait a few hours until solid (5-6 hours or more) or overnight.

scoop out with an ice cream scoop

enjoy this soft, scoopable, no-churn rasberry strawberry frosé which is almost like the adulted snow cone!

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