Allergen-free, dairy-free grocery list

Back to school kid’s lunch grocery list and healthy snacks for the family

Packing a lunch is healthier, cheaper and safer as it reduces contact in 2020.

A school-safe, allergy-friendly grocery list including both Canadian and American Amazon links for your convenience. This GFDF, top 8 allergen free grocery list is great as a second wave stockpiling list for re-opening or quarantine as it includes pantry items and non-perishables such as gluten-free baking ingredients and Allergy-friendly lunches and snacks. This School-safe list ncludes notes on ingredients, and brands that don’t contain traces of allergens, as well as personal experience with these brands I trust, etc. Of course it is lactose-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, peanut-free, nut-free, egg-free, mostly soy-free (with notes beside products), shellfish-free, etc. These are allergy-safe manufacturers that create allergy-friendly products without cross contamination. Many of the dairy-free foods and products on this list are ingredients used regularly on my site or to make many foods from scratch (from yogurt starter to cake mixes), or just ready safe snacks or dressings and sauces I have on hand such as chewy bars and vegan, dairy free chocolate without traces of milk. Its great having all these healthy, allergen free alternatives in one place and bookmarked.

A kid-approved, school-approved grocery list, that adults will enjoy too.

Check out the back to work and back to school grocery list here or in the top menu of the site under Shop.

The links lead to Amazon so you can grocery shop online at ease during the pandemic

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