Balcony garden

Useful quarantine hobby: Grow your own food with a windowsill herb garden or a balcony garden..You don’t need a garden to grow lettuce, swiss chard, spinach or kale. And you don’t even need a balcony to grow herbs such as basil, cilantro, parsley, dill, chives/scallions, thyme, oregano, etc. And if you don’t have much of a windowsill…you can also grow hanging plants like ferns and succulents at home like aloe vera plant- they don’t need much water so you cannot manage to kill them!

Though we already had used planters, my aunt has just shared with me the idea of Grow bags. Grow bags are a budget friendly alternative to planters (especially online) and they are breathable so they are actually said to be better than planters. Plus they are lightweight and in the quarantine online shopping days they are less expensive to get.

I put my planters on a folding table so i don’t have to bend low every time I water them, since there isn’t much balcony space to sit.

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