Dairy-free grocery list (Canadian)

You can make just about anything dairy free and healthier with the right ingredients!

These are dairy free foods that I often use in my recipes or have as handy healthy snacks and are handy to add to your quarantine stockpiling shopping list during pandemic shopping times when people want bulk, healthy and affordable groceries online. Many of these foods are also allergen free or vegan but sometimes they cannot be everything-free. Some items are soy-free, some are nut-free, some are top 8-allergen-free, some are gluten-free, some are corn-free and some contain corn, some are paleo (especially 3/4 down the list) etc. But if you have an allergy ALWAYS read the labels for traces of milk, peanuts, etc. Sometimes even plain almonds have traces because the facility that makes them may also make yogurt or chocolate covered almonds that are not dairy free, for example. Depending if you are avoiding dairy due to allergy or other reasons this may be of great or no importance to you. For anything like cookies which have multiple ingredients I am showing brands I know for sure to be dairy free (and often Free From/ top allergen free). I have done my best to compile a dairy free and mostly allergen free grocery list, however it is up to consumer discretion to double check the labels, and product links can change. I take no liability for any allergic reactions, this is just a guideline, but every consumer must do their due diligence in reading food labels.

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A 12 pack case of 1 kg packs of oats is perfect for stockpiling as oats are not only great for porridge and oatmeal cookies, muffins, or granola, but they can be ground into oat flour to make oat bread and oat pancakes, plus blended into oat milk.

For Americans this is a US brand and a clean peanut butter

For Canadians: A local brand, Fatso, the healthified hybrid peanut butter that made it’s name in Whole Foods because its made with mct oil and chia, now comes in various flavours such as salted caramel pb and cocoa peanut butter, and is made with healthy natural ingredients. The girl who makes these is actually the twin sister of a university friend of mine from years ago and their mom was my university professor, go figure! Support local business and amp up your healthy fats and protein even during quarantine! 🙂

Natural butter flavour coconut oil smells an tastes buttery in a natural way from fermented herbs and is perfect for savoury dishes like pot pie and quiche where you don’t want the coconut flavour to overpower the savoury dish.

Case of full fat coconut milk, guar gum free, bpa free

Case of light coconut milk, BPA free

Creamed coconut aka. coconut butter or coconut manna is a dry form of coconut perfect for stockpiling as its cheaper than canned coconut milk and less knowsn, just add water to make it into super creamy coconut milk- perfect for baking (including paleo coconut loaf), oatmeal porridge, smoothies, raw desserts and other dishes.

Roasted almonds and roasted nuts are easier to process into homemade nutbutter.

For a dairy free, vegan yogurt starter to make dairy free yogurt such as coconut yogurt, cashew yogurt or soy yogurt check out this trusted brand:

Ghee, clarified butter seems to be well tolerated by lactose intolerant people however if you have a dairy allergy stick to a dairy free option as given above.

These do contain traces of dairy so if you have a full on allergy please avoid Kirkland

natural flavoured stevia drops, I add them to plain yogurt for flavoured dairy free yogurt, and to homemade almond milk. I use the raspberry one for when I make frozen berry jello (if using frozen fruit you will want to use fully hot water as the cold fruit will lower the overall water temperature and affect the gelatin).

Vanilla stevia drops are a sweet replacement for sugar+ vanilla extract in oatmeal porridge, cakes and desserts and drinks like coffee.

Infused raw honey such as cocoa honey, turmeric honey and cinnamon honey

I have added to this list a case of paper towels, because during quarantine that’s a huge concern for keeping your kitchen clean!