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Here are some trusted, tested kitchen appliances that are well reviewed and I use in my cooking as well as healthy, dairy free ingredients I often use in my recipes and helpful supplements for quarantine days.

You can click any image or text link to view more product info on Amazon.I tried to pick the lowest priced and reasonably priced versions of the items.

These are affiliate links, meaning that at no additional cost to you I make a very small commission from these products in order to be able to keep my website running with free recipes and regular posts. Thank you!

If you need to see product descriptions, comparisons and a reviews of these kitchen appliances see my Reviews page including a food processor reviews and comparisons post, which also compares to blenders and choppers. Stay tuned for more reviews. I am just including one overall best budget-friendly option for most, per type of appliance in this shop page. But I review other cheaper or even better quality versions of each type of appliance in the reviews post. Sometimes I include two types of a product to choose from based on budget and availability as there are quickly shortages these days during people’s pandemic panic shopping, especially in all things bread related.

Sometimes the universal links don’t have the best deal match so I will be posting both Candian and universal links when I see a better deal for or please bear with me as I add more american links.

With daily new quarantine pandemic shopping shortages I will be updating these links regularly so you can find what is in stock to make it easier to find kitchen essentials!

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These kitchen essentials will help you quickly and easily cook from scratch and bread making essentials to bake homemade bread and buns, focaccia, cakes, muffins, diy nut milk, vegan cheese, homemade nutbutter, hummus, pesto and to quickly pressure cook legumes such as dry chickpeas and beans or to use the Instant pot to slow cook amazing set it and forget it meals, replace a rice cooker, or make homemade yoghurt, as well as easy one pan or one pot meals, plus products to keep your herbs fresh and to make sure your freezer is at the correct temperature should it ever be found ajar from stockpiling.

See my Food processor reviews for more details. The best and most versatile is the Breville Sous Chef Plus which includes a small work bowl and 12 cup capacity. however the most budget friendly is the Cusinart 8 cup

This is a budget friendly standard size (8 cup) food processor by Cuisinart(US link). Here is the Candian link (sometimes the universal links don’t redirect from to .ca to the best deal, but I know the value of these.) Below are more expensive, bigger sized food processors with a super powerful motor and many options such as an adjustable slicing disc with the widest slicing option of any food processor (great for those with arthritis or hand injury as it can handle slicing yams and potatoes into chips).

This image is a Canadian link, US links above

A kitchen scale for precise flour measurements for quarantine bread!

An apron is a cape on backwards!

“I love cooking with wine-sometimes I even put it in my food” – Julia Child

Stand mixers take the kneading and heavy work out of lots of dough making and are a great Chrismtas gift for avid bakers pizza and bread makers. Please note due to bread baking pandemic shortages changing day to day I have included different links to some products such as different stand mixers by Kitchenaid, as one is currently out of stock. Also look at the size differences in quarts in the description beside the image-if you have a family and house bigger makes sense, if you have an apartment, smaller makes sense. The great thing about KitchenAid stand mixers, other than their high quality, is their compatibility with many other quality add on parts

I have the blender depicted (link in pic). I like that it is a relatively quiet blender for a high-speed powerful blender that can make nut milk etc. The fact that it’s affordable even with the sound shield yet has almost similar high power to Blendtec and Vitamix blenders is great. There is only one in stock so I attached a second similair one to check out too.

For those who love Instant Pot quality, there is also an Instant Pot designed Ace blender. It can do more than a regular blender and costs less than $150 Canadian. It’s made of glass not plastic as it can heat up soup for effortless soup even from veggie scraps. Aside from the soup making feature it is also designed for nut butters, nut milk such as almond milk (it even comes with straining bags) and has a self cleaning feature. It doesn’t seem to do well with soy milk from what I have heard, but most don’t view soy as a healthy option these days anyways.

I suggest this springform as its anodized aluminum so the metal won’t react with liquidy no-bake desserts like mousse cake or no-bake cheesecake. (I’ve had grey smears from reactions with an old pan until I learned!)

Regency Wraps Regency Natural Ultra Fine 100% Cotton Cheesecloth 27Sq.ft

Two different types of digital food thermometers (meat thermometer, yogurt thermometer) to read internal temperature and avoid overcooked fish, meat or undercooked meat. Also helpful to establish the perfect yogurt and (plant) milk temperature to safely scald the milk yet not add probiotic bacterias when too hot in order to preserve live cultures.

Nut Milk Bags, All Natural Cheesecloth Bags, 12″x12″, 2 Pack, 100% Unbleached Cotton Cloth Bags for Cheese/Tea/Yogurt/Juice/Wine/Soup/Herbs, Durable Washable Reusable Almond Milk Strainer(Weave 65×52)

The probe thermometer with the box shape has a longer probe well suited for immersing in a large jar of liquid or yoghurt, plus an alarm to alert you when it reaches a set temperature, which is handy for yogurt making so you dont have to attend it as much or guess when its scalded (ie safe and pasteurized). The regular shaped one is quick and easy to stick into meat or fish.

I love how customizable the Instant Pot Ultra is and love how intuitive it is to use the dial and LCD screen, plus you can pre-program things or reset easily to save time. I have also shown a regular Duo Instant Pot for a budget-friendly alternative. Due to pandemic shopping and the Instant Pot’s role in cooking dried beans, dried chickpeas quickly as well as fall-off-the bone meats, I have seen some price fluctuations form day to day with different models, so bookmark it and check, No 6 qt Instant Pot should cost over $200 as far as I am concerned unless it has the Air Fryer attachment in it (link of the 8 qt 11 in 1 Instant Pot with air fryer, roaster and dehydrator attached as well as the Instant Pot Air Fryer lid to turn your regular 6 qt Instant Pot into an Air fryer or dehydrator to make healthy fries! So you don’t need a separate Vortex air fryer, which is sold out online). I attached an image link to the slow cooker lid for the Instant Pot. This is not only great for slow cooking, but for Instant Pot Nubes who don’t know how to pressure cook yet.

Having extra Instant Pot liners is great if you plan to say cook rice separately and meat or beans separately. You can also store the food in the extra liner with a lid.

Instant Pot silicone rings are good because silicone absorbs smell. So if you used the one you had on seafood and you want to make a cheesecake having extra is helpful. I remember it by color, ex Red for Desserts.

An immersion blender/stick blender is one that can be submerged into hot food, such as to puree cooked squash or split peas into soup, and is handy for both stovetop and the Instant Pot as it is not safe to cook pureed food in the pressure cooker but rather to puree after cooking.