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Halfway down the pages you can find the natural skincare and sunblock that I trust

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Hand Sanitizer Gel Refill Bottle – 946ml

This is an unusual addition to my page, but The Guardian and medical articles are now recommending a pulse oximeter, as some patients don’t realize they are sick from Covid-19 and don’t come into the hospital until it is too late, if they don’t have symptoms of shortness of breath beforehand. The Pulse Oximeter was usually used in hospitals, but it is like a finger clip that is easy to use at home. My aunt who has a medical degree bought one and recommends getting one as a preventative measure, as well as a thermometer.

Please check out the above linked article by The Guardian as well as medical articles for more medically-credible information, as I am not a doctor nor a journalist, just spreading the word. If you have symptoms of Covid-19 this does not replace a call or visit to your doctor. There is always a possibility of error.

Many men are needing to cut their own hair now and clippers are geting sold out fast, so my uncle couldn’t find any the last few days except double riced one, but today my uncle found this hair cut clipper by Conair in stock on a good day when in stock! I am including a few different links as most only have 1 or 2 in stock and get out of stock fast!

I like to use simple, natural skincare as much as possible, here are some natural skincare products I trust for soft naturally glowing skin.

Take collagen with vit C such as lemon juice for best absorption

Quarantine is doing a number on our hair and skin. For dry hands from too much handwashing, sleeping with cotton gloves on and heavy duty cracked hand moisturizer on the hands can really help. And for grey roots coverage and diy hair color there is out of the box dye.

Disclaimer: I try my best to pick dairy free supplements to put here, but errors are possible and it is up to consumer discretion to read product labels (read the medicinal ingredients, non medicinal ingredients and if present the line under the ingredients that says “May contain traces of…”). I assume zero liability for a consumer not taking self-responsibility to double check their product labels.