Writing Services

Seeking a hired writer?

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Need a creative freelance writer, content writer, (SEO) copywriter, copyeditor, or ghostwriter to help write part-time for you or your business? Or a social media accounts manager for your brand?

I offer a writing service based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and can work remotely as a writer within Canada. I am flexible.

I enjoy writing and have a university background in languages. Some of my work can be seen on this site in my blogging articles, as well as in my recipes. I can help you with anything from writing copy and marketing to blog writing and blog promo on social media platforms, to writing articles, or ghostwriting a book such as a cookook (or recipe testing). I can also be hired as a recipe developer or editor. If it is a social media accounts manager and marketing person that you need, I would be a good fit for that as well. I am tech savvy and learn quickly.

SEM and SEO copywriter: I have a good understanding of using key words, etc. to improve SEO. I also am proficient in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools, and can make sure your posts are indexed faster by the search engines. Proficient in WordPress CMS.

My blog is just under a year old, and mostly a hobby that I haven’t put any money into, so I am still improving upon it. If hired I would be meticulous in my work and research.

I have impeccable grammar and spelling. I can also tutor English and help with proof reading for grammar and spelling and help with academic admissions writing and resume writing. I can give helpful hints on articulating certain points if needed.

If you need an ESL tutor, I can also help you with ESL as I have a solid command of language (not just English which is my native tongue, but overall understanding of language in its many forms). Thanks to studying several languages, including Spanish, in university, I have a good grasp on syntax and I could better understand why certain grammatical errors are made by foreigners, based on how their native language is structured. I can tutor ESL to anyone of course, but have a special interest in ESL for Spanish speakers (inglés para hispanohablantes) and English for Polish speakers (jezyk angielski dla Polaków). I could offer a lot of interactive conversation practice to work on pronunciation and grammatical corrections. I am available remotely in 2020.

If you are interested, you can contact me on my Facebook business page, Pinch of Wholesome recipes.