Allergen-free grocery list (school-safe, US & Canadian)

Here is a school-safe, allergy-friendly back to school grocery list for snacks and lunches. This is a good second wave stockpiling grocery list too that is helpful for both quarantine and re-opening (phase 3).

Kid-friendly and includes treats that the adults and whole family will enjoy too.

You will want to bookmark this list to save you hours of research on allergy friendly brands, or searching when the second wave stockpiling and back to school shopping happens!

*The image links are American. The written links on the right are universal (American and Canadian Amazon), but has more bulk items than the .ca counterpart and sometimes to give you the closest match or best deal, I include Canadian link alternatives. Please note some products will be close matches depending on your Amazon location.

This is not just a dairy-free and gluten-free grocery list it is a priority allergen-free grocery list and also a great Coronavirus quarantine grocery list.

*If you can’t see the images for the below items, turn off ad-blocker or use a browser that doesn’t have it on.

A few essentials to pack homemade lunches and snacks

Packing a lunch, snacks and water bottle not only is healthier and saves money (which most of us need in 2020) but reduces contact during this pandemic especially with most water fountains closed etc. It is also safer to pack one’s own lunch and snacks if you or your kids have a serious allergy and have to avoid traces of allergens.

a freezer lunch bag with built in ice packs which won’t add moisture-I have this brand and I like it, it keeps things food safe (keep cold foods cold).

or some lunch box ice packs

A kids water bottle pack (also available as one single bottle).

Canadian equivalent

And a reusable water bottle and tea/coffee thermos for yourself.

Anchor Hocking 10-Piece TrueSeal Storage Set, Green

Or the Canadian link for the glass Anchor hocking lunch containers that are freezer safe, oven safe, microwave safe, dishawasher safe (lids are rack safe) and durable. Of course the lids should not be heated. Please double check item descriptions as links can change.

For plastic lunch boxes for kids see the option below for Rubbermaid stackable lunch boxes.

Grocery items

Allergy-friendly breakfast ingredients (eggless, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.)

Need probiotics due to quarantine gut health distress? making homemade yogurt (with Vegan Yogurt starter (US link) or the Canadian link in the image for or here) is easy (especially in the Instant Pot with yogurt maker feature, review included). Keep in mind that vegan yogurt when made with plant milk does not contain the lactose and protein to thicken on its own which is why a vegan thickener such as agar agar (a healthy vegan alternative to gelatin) is used in vegan yogurt and to make vegan mousse cakes like in my recipes. It is also better to start with canned coconut milk or thick homemade nut milk/cream not thin carton milk. Don’t worry it’s still healthy, real yogurt full of probiotic cultures. (some of the people in the reviews seem to just have winged it with a traditional non-vegan yogurt recipe and were surprised it was thin-but the issue is with how it is used.)

Pancake and waffle mix, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free. The American link also contains bulk cases.

MadeGood Strawberry Crispy Light Granola (10oz); Gluten-Free Oats and Sweet, Juicy Strawberries; Contains Nutrients of One Serving of Vegetables in Each Portion; Organic, Allergen-Free Granola Cereal

Note MadeGood has hidden veggie powders in many products, that you cannot taste at all, it may contain mushrooms or be produced in a facility with mushrooms.

According to Keurig all their coffee K-cup pods are dairy free, egg free and gluten free, but their hot chocolate cups may contain dairy.

Nutbutter Alternatives and nut-free trail mix

Wowbutter is a peanut-free, nut-free peanut butter alternative for kid’s school lunches to meet penaut allergy policies, or when your children have nut allergies. It is made with soy.

Wow butter case (American link)

Sunbutter as single or by the case. Sunflower seed butter

This vegan Nutella alternative does contain nuts so it is not a nut-free option for school time, but a nice chocolate hazelnut spread otherwise. It is a healthier, dairy-free Nutella alternative. Here is the Canadian link.

Savoury lunch foods and snacks

SkinnyPop Original Popped Popcorn, Individual Bags, Healthy Snacks, Gluten Free Popcorn, Non-GMO, 4.4oz(Pack of 12)

This particular flavor is dairy free, but not all their flavours necessarily are and one should always look at the fine print about traces of allergens if cross-contamination is a concern.

Panko bread crumbs: gluten free, dairy free, nut free

Daiya has an allergen-free Cheezy Mac that is dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, shellfish-free, fish-free, and soy-free. One is a cheddar style Mac. If you have the Canadian Amazon here is the link. For American Amazon it comes in bulk by the case either as “cheddar” mac n “cheese” and the image is a US link.

or a variety pack which is only on the American site. It’s a nice kid’s lunch idea that is school safe.

This Daiya mac is an alfredo style mac (this is the American link, here is the Canadian link). There is also a veggie medley mac (Canadian link)

Daiya also has cheezy sauces that are free of dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, and soy. This is their cheddar style sauce on the American site and this is the Canadian version of the dairy-free cheddar or dairy free alfredo sauce (not available on American site).

I love Daiya’s creamy caesar dressing. If you use then you can also get a case of dairy-free Caesar dressing. This is the Canadian link (US above). This dressing is dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, shellfish-free, fish-free, and soy-free.

Daiya Ranch dressing is nice for kid’s lunch boxes with cut up veggies.You can also get a case of it if you use the American Amazon. This is the Canadian link (US above)

Daiya even has a Blue Cheeze (blue cheese like) dressing for the adults. Here is the Canadian link (previous was US link)

I am not including the Honey mustard here as it does have mustard (an allergen) I presume, but you can find it through the other Daiya links if you like.

According to the Daiya website all their flavours of Mac and Cheez, and all their salad dressings are free of dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, and soy.

However one cannot assume all their products don’t contain allergens as ingredients, but the Daiya site does say that whenever an allergen was present, they wipe down everything in their facility to ensure there is no cross-contamination.

Daiya dressings variety pack (only available on American Amazon)

Product description:

  • TRY ALL 5 FLAVORS: Variety pack includes 1 Homestyle Ranch, 1 Creamy Caesar and 1 Blue Cheeze, 1 Hon’y Mustard, 1 Creamy Italian. Treat your taste buds to these rich & creamy plant-based dressings. Each flavor is all-natural, non-GMO & dairy-free.
  • ALLERGY-FRIENDLY: Food allergies in the family? Never fear. Daiya dressings are free of dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, shellfish & fish. Go ahead… indulge.
  • PURE VEGAN GOODNESS: Follow a vegan diet? You’ll be glad to know that your Daiya Dressing is Certified Vegan by Vegan Action. Contains no animal products or by-products whatsoever.
  • FRESH PLANT-BASED FLAVORS: We use only the finest plant-based ingredients in this lusciously creamy salad dressing. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives… nothing but natural goodness.
  • NOT JUST FOR SALADS: Enjoy Daiya vegan salad dressing as a tasty topping on veggie burgers. Plus, serve it as a rich, creamy dipping sauce for veggies, chips & much more.

keep in mind the honey mustard may have mustard

This smaller variety pack is only on the American site. The image is a link

Cookies and Bars (gf chewy granola bars and chocolate bars)

Gluten-free Allergy-smart chocolate cookies / school-safe cookies (free from wheat/gluten, dairy, eggs, sulfites, shellfish, mustard, peanuts and nuts, and also sesame free. (the image link is only for Canadians, the written link for Americans)

Free yum banana maple bars:

(or the Canadian link here)

  • allergen free
  • non-gmo
  • school friendly
  • natural & healthy
  • sweetended without cane sugar
  • made with gluten-free oats

FreeYumm apple oat bars: free of top 8 allergens and made with made with gluten-free oats

Or the Canadian link here, these come in blueberry

FreeYumm – Double Chocolate Soft Baked Cookies – 21 Individually Wrapped Cookies – Allergen Free – Gluten Free – School Friendly

or the Canadian link for them here

Product information provided by FreeYumm

  • Allergen-Friendly; Free of Milk, Peanuts, Eggs, Wheat/Gluten, Soy, Tree nuts, Seafood and Sulphites
  • Gluten-Free; Made with Organic ingredients; Agave Syrup, Coconut Palm Sugar and Vanilla Extract.
  • We rigorously review all of our ingredients and suppliers to make sure that what comes in is safe
  • Great Snack that’s Natural, Healthy and School Friendly.

Allergen-free and gluten-free cookies. Red velvet, (or for Canadian’s chocolate banana or chocolate chip cookies)

MadeGood does add hidden veggies to a lot of their chewy bars, etc (can’t taste it though!) so for those with mushroom allergies, read the labels.

Double chocolate cookies by Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life products are free from gluten and wheat, peanuts, dairy, tree nuts, soy, casein, sulfites, egg, lupin, sesame, fish, mustard, crustaceans, shellfish. Verified Non-GMO, Allergy-Friendly, Certified Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, Halal. Made with all-natural ingredients. Made in a dedicated nut and gluten free facility

Allergen-free oreos. Free from gluten, soy, peanuts, nuts, dairy

Allergy-free, gf graham crackers for s’mores.

Marshmallows are surprisingly dairy-free! There is also a natural vegan version without gelatin but more expensive.

Allergen free, gf Graham cracker crumbs for no-bake cakes like no-bake “cheese”cake and mousse cakes. On the American Amazon they also come by the case with a volume discount.

Nature’s Path Rice Puffs Cereal, Healthy, Organic, Gluten-Free, Low-Sugar, 6 Ounce Bag (Pack of 12)

You can make dairy-free rice crispy squares with the puffed rice and marshmallows.

Enjoy life dairy-free chocolate chips- these are my favourite, they melt nicely for desserts and they are tastey and not bitter.

They come as either kid-friendly semi-sweet chocolate chips which come as singles or cases, or as chocolate chunks.

or as dark chocolate morsels for the adults in single pack but it doesn’t have the same value as bulk. of course they are dairy-free, vegan chocolate chips.

or the dark also comes in cases which are better deals when in bulk of course! or see this for the Canadian link of a case

Baking essentials

Gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, peanut-free, soy free chocolate cake mix. link in image

Allergen-free, gluten-free angel food cake mix (US link), also good in poppy seed cake. Canadian link here

Natural butter flavored coconut oil by nutiva. Vegan butter alternative. You cannot taste the coconut. Great for savory foods. According to Nutiva’s site the natural buttery flavor comes from fermented herbs, but it smells and tastes like butter and is much healthier and tastier than vegan butter.

Dairy-free, vegan shortening by Nutiva. Sustainably sourced.

Creamed coconut is a great alternative to canned coconut milk or carton coconut milk and you can control how thick and creamy or how thin it is. Great for baking or smooth drinkable mylk. It is made of coconut puree and nothing else.

Of course it’s lactose-free and dairy-free,soy-free, gluten-free and nut-free alternative to milk and cream.

of course almond milk is not for those who are allergic to nuts. but it is a dairy-free, vegan, lactose-free milk alternative. Canadian link here for unsweetened, American link in the image.

Disclaimer: This is a guideline. I have posted links to brands I know which say they are allergen free. However links can change, especially between Candian or American Amazon, and errors can occur, so it is alway’s the sole responsibility of the consumer to double-check food labels for traces of allergens, etc.

If you are Canadian please also see this Canadian products list with links for a dairy free grocery list (mosty allergen free, but has options for nutbutters, vegan protein powder, protein bars and Paleo items as well). The links on this page are universal, but I added Canadian link alternatives where needed to get the best deal/closest match.