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Loaded mini Hasselback potatoes recipe

hasselback nugget potatoes
these loaded hasselback nugget potatoes could have been baked another few minutes or so until golden brown but I was hungry and they were good nonetheless, but golden crispy is best!

Bacon loaded roasted mini hasselback baby potatoes with garlic herb “butter” are a great quick baking side for scallops or as a holiday side or dinner side for anything from turkey or roast chicken, to pork or fish. Or do them up vegan with vegan bacon or no bacon and more herbs.


10 nugget potatoes, baby potatoes, or petite golden potatoes, scrubbed clean, unpeeled, and patted dry

3 garlic cloves, crushed

tsp dried thyme or fresh diced thyme

olive oil, butter flavor coconut oil or melted ghee, generous

sea salt and pepper

optional: few fresh dill sprigs, chopped

5 strips bacon


preheat oven to 420. mix together the oil, herbs and seasoning. use a sharp knife to cut incisions about 2/3 of the way through the potatoes. place potatoes in a baking pan and pour the herbed “butter” or oil over them and pour generous extra oil on top. bake for 37-48 min or until fork tender, crispy and golden brown. In the meantime fry bacon until crispy (no need to add oil to the pan) and reserve bacon grease for pouring over potatoes. let it cool then chop it into tiny pieces. Once the potatoes are baked, transfer them to a serving plate, pour bacon fat overtop and top with bacon and extra dill.

bacon loaded hasselback potatoes

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