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Instant pot coconut rice recipe

 Instant pot coconut rice recipe
Coconut rice in the instant pot

This Instant pot recipe for coconut rice is so easy and so delicious!


11/4 cup jasmine rice, rinsed and drained or if using white basmati, rinsed drained the. soaked for 15min,

Scant cup water

250-350 ml coconut milk, vigorously shaken ( more for very creamy rice)

tbsp. coconut oil

Sea salt, Generous

Recipe directions:

Pressure cook in instant pot on Rice setting. select low pressure for 12 minutes Or for high-pressure, the time is auto-set.

do a 10 minute natural release during which the rice continues to cook.then hit/move to venting or keep on keep warm if not using right away then hit venting if still needed.

Fluff with fork

Lime variation: top with a tsp of lime zest and mix in lime juice

If desired top with toasted shredded coconut(unsweetened)

For more Instant Pot info on model sizes and accessories see this post.

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