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Vegan Pumpkin mousse

This fluffy dairy-free pumpkin coconut cream mousse is made lush with coconut cream, but it’s undetectable and just tastes like fluffy pumpkin pie filling. Even if you hate coconut (but love pumpkin pie) you will love this mousse. I asked my cousin and her fiance if the mousse could do with more coconut and my cousin’s fiance Doug (who doesn’t like coconut unless it’s well hidden) replied “Nope. Could not taste the coconut, excellent, proper amount of coconut.” Haha so there you have it, a mousse where you can sneak in the coconut as a dairy free healthy alternative.

Its egg-free for the raw egg phobic (me too lol) and I made this creamy pumkin mousse vegan too by using agar agar flakes instead of gelatin, as its already an eggless mousse, so why not make it plant based too? But gelatin can also be subbed in (just be careful to not bring gelatin to a boil). Coconut cream is a great alternative to heavy cream in desserts. Its a gluten free tofu-free paleo mousse that’s refined sugar free if you use coconut sugar which complements that dark caramely taste well. A great change up to pumpkin pie!

Quarantine tip added on: if you can’t find gelatin or agar online omit those, it will not set and solidify but will sitll be a tasty super soft mousse.

You can find agar agar here


400 ml can pumpkin puree

1 cup brown sugar or 2/3 cup coconut sugar or a blend (3/4 cup brown sugar can be used but a cup is more delicious! Brown sugar was loosely packed due to its consistency so you can use a lesser amount if using coconut sugar alone or Maple syrup or less, to taste)

3 tbsp agar agar flakes( if using agar powder only use 3 tsp. if subbing gelatin use approx 1.5 tbsp pouch gelatin)

1 can coconut milk, chilled several hours, top cream part only

tbsp pumpkin spice (I make my own)

tsp vanilla extract


Chill coconut to seperate the cream and make it easier to whip and also chill mixing bowl, and beaters overnight prior for best whipping (or place mixing bowl in freezer for 20-60minutes).

Tip if using less sugar: Mix the pumpkin, sugar and spices in a pot or bowl. if using maple syrup since its sweeter and more tightly packed than brown sugar you may only need 1/2- 2/3 cup, to taste and sweetness preference (if sugar is a concern you can even start with less maple syrup, but of course sweeter tastes better as pumpkin is bitter-its a vegetable! if you are skimping on sugar add more cinnamon and decrease the agar agar to approx 3 tbsp as reducing sugar reduces volume so you don’t need as much jelling agent.)

Warm the pumpkin puree, sugar, the spices and vanilla in a pot over medium-low heat for about 5 minutes, stirring often. in a seperate pot over low heat, dissolve the agar agar in a little bit of water (the minimum needed to dissolve well, adding a splash more as needed) for a few minutes (about 5-8 min), stirring often so it does not stick to the bottom. Make sure the agar flakes are fully dissolved and not lumpy both for consistency and so it is cooked and activated. Unlike gelatin, agar agar can handle reaching boiling point, so don’t worry about overcooking, but don’t let it burn and stick.

In the meantime whip the coconut cream with a hand mixer until fluffy. stir in the pumpkin puree into the coconut whip, beat and mix as needed to get it uniform. Do a taste test for sweetness and adjust. add a few spoonfuls of the pumpkin coconut cream to the agar to temper it. then add the rest of the pumpkin mix to the agar and stir well to dissolve any clumps. Pour into dessert cups. Let it cool then place in the firdge to help it set quicker (agar sets at room temp. so if you have time you can let it set at room temp but if using gelatin refrigerate it. Time: In the fridge if in small dessert cups it should set in about 3-4 hours (sometimes sooner for super small cups. Depending on the size of your container it may take longer).

Top with coconut whip dusted in cinnamon, ginger snaps and/or caramelized nuts

If your forgot to chill the coconut or don’t have a mixer don’t fret, you can omit the whipping bit and still have a good mousse though whipping is traditionally done in mousse as it adds extra fluffiness, but the process of adding agar instead of gelatin makes it a little unconventional. Just mix and cook the pumpkin, the spices and sugar, and coconut altogether in a pot before incorporating agar.

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