healthy dairy free recipes

Creamy cucumber salad, Polish Mizeria

Creamy Cucumber salad
my moms cream version, see non-cream versions below


1 peeled cucumber

1/2 small chopped onion or half bunch chives or green onion

1/2 cup sour cream (+ 2 tbsp for extra creamy)

Fresh chopped dill (3/4 bunch)

Optional: dash lemon juice

Sea salt, generous


Slice cucumber on a box grater with the slicing piece or with the grating disc of a food processor into thin round slices. Cover in very generous sea salt, so the salt will cause the cukes to release their juice. let sit 2 hours then pour out their juice.

mix in finely chopped onion or chives. traditionally it’s served with sour cream, but it can be modified with unsweetened plain greek yogurt or plain yogurt, or dairy-free with mayo, or simply enjoyed on its own as the salted cukes and onion stand alone as a refreshing delicious simple salad.

Pair mizeria cucumber salad with schnitzel and mashed potatoes or enjoy alone.

Veggie side salad to pair with schnitzel
mayo version

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