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Creamy gingerbread hot chocolate (dairy free, vegan, paleo)

my gingerbread man went thru some serious handling for this hot chocolate shot so he melted a little 😛

such a warming ginger infused gingerbread spiced hot chocolate made with coconut milk so its a dairy free creamy hot chocolate that’s also a paleo and vegan recipe. this hot chocolate is made with cocoa and it can be made into a keto hot chocolate by subbing with vanilla stevia drops or stevia (though i do love the molasses combo here for that ginger cookie taste!)

of course you can make it as a classic dairy-free creamy hot chocolate without the gingerbread spice too!

recipe ingredients:

1 can of full fat coconut milk

5-6 tbsp cacao/cocoa powder (to taste)

3 drops vanilla extract

2/3 tsp or good pinch ground ginger (about two shakes from a shaker)

2 good pinches nutmeg (4-5 shakes from a shaker)

pinch of allspice (a shake from shaker)

1/3 tsp cinnamon plus extra for sprinkling

good pinch each of cardamom and ground cloves (or sub mace)

molasses or coconut sugar or maple syrup to taste (i recommend just under a tsp of molasses for gingerbread cookie taste without overdoing it, followed by some coconut sugar or maple syrup to taste)

coconut whip and a gingerbread man or crumbled gingersnap cookies or marshmallows or melted chocolate on coconut whip or cinnamon maple coconut whip, for topping


warm everything together for a few minutes to cook the ginger, stirring it smooth. once hot, pour into cups and serve hot with sweetened coconut whipped cream and broken gingerbread or ginger cookies or marchmallows

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