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Leave your comments: would you purchase a $5 ebook on varied, never-boring meal prep, (with varied and original recipes), or other themes such as 30-minute-or -less meals, slow cooker meals, or simply 12 best never-seen recipes, etc?

I am thinking to compile an organized Quarantine meal planning with a quarantine dinners plan or monthly dinner and lunch meal prep plan with a lot of variety (say goodbye to eating the same old food all week!), yet also efficient with time and money on groceries-nothing gets wasted. It would include a grocery list for the week as well as recipes that use up all those groceries for zero waste cooking

..or simply to create an ebook of ten or more of my best never before seen recipes from dinner to dessert, with balanced options including some meatless dinners etc, as well as other ebook themes over time like a quarantine meal prep book and later on an eboook with mousses and mousse cakes etc.

this is just a picture of posted recipes, but there are many more new recipes to come in the ebook that have not been shared!

Of course it takes a lot of planning to make a balanced yet efficient meal prep plan and grocery lists and it’s a very unique thing that is not really out there for free nor cheap, because of the time involved.

So would you be willing to purchase an e-book for $10-12 to have all of that planning done for you, to help you save time and money, while eating balanced healthy weekday meals, and to have all of that compiled in a mini cookbook sent to you by email? Or to learn 10 or more amazing unique and healthy recipes? Or 15-30 minute meals?

Let me know in your comments if you are interested, or what theme you want to see (smoothies/snacks/ breakfasts, lunches and bowls, dinners, meal prep, etc.) Hopefully there is one reoccurring theme that most of you want to see me execute 🙂

Please be specific in the comments as to what type of ebook youd be interested in. I am thinking to start simple with 10-12 never seen recipes, and see the response, and then get more complex with a month’s meal plan, and more niche depending on your needs such as 10 dairy free or allergen free kids meals and snacks, family meal prep, healthy no-bake desserts and so on.

Please be honest as this project would take a lot of my time and I understand many people dont like purchasing these things online, though my website host, WordPress is a secure site as seen by the https:// (the “s” means secure, ask your bank, or google it) and payments are through PayPal so I wouldnt see your info.

I am only counting comments saying you are interested, I’m not counting likes as “yes”es. Also feel free to message me privately at

I can also design a meal plan tailored to you or to cook for you, please see my personal cook option in the top menu to hire and contact me.

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