Personal Cook, Meal Service, Orders (Vancouver, B.C.)

Healthy cooking service in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

During the pandemic Food Safety and health is of upmost importance. I am careful with quarantine, and keep thorough hygiene, and social distancing measures.

I am Food safe certified and have Serving It Right.

If you would like some help with meal prep and private cooking services for your family in Vancouver, B.C. , and are thinking to hire a personal chef, please email me for affordable personal cook service part-time. I can adjust for whatever diet type you need or to avoid whatever food sensitivities you have (from Plant-based to Paleo to gluten-free/dairy free or anti-inflammatory diet/low-sugar/health conscious, to regular family meals-that can include dairy if you wish). I can cook dinners only, or dinners and lunches (or dinners and snacks), it is up to your needs and budget. Brunch catering also available.

I also cook many multi-cultural foods such as Middle eastern, Asian and Indian, Cajun, European and traditional western foods. The personal cooking service is affordable and flexible to your schedule and dietary restrictions (or if you have none, I can add dairy for say lasagna, etc if that’s what you prefer for family sized, kid-friendly meals, so its not just dairy free food).

I work in downtown Vancouver and nearby areas such as Yaletown, West End, West Van, Point Grey and nearby central Van, not in the suburbs sorry.

This is a part-time private chef/ personal chef service and NOT a full-time housekeeping/maid service. After an in-person consultation and taking time to tailor a meal plan for you and your family, I can place grocery orders for you online (I don’t deliver the groceries, nor pay for them on behalf of the client sorry, some exceptions can be negotiated if you live nearby and if there is some trust established in the consult. If you live nearby I can also bring ready food to you, however if you have food allergies I will cook in your home to avoid cross contamination). Save on Foods and other grocers have delivery options with (early) time slots that can be booked and I can be there at the time of delivery to unpack the groceries and cook and then clean up after the cooking.

If you want to order a dessert for a party such as a chocolate mousse cake (check out this mirror glaze mousse cake for an idea), I can also do some small catering orders. Mousse cakes, mousse and chocolate truffles are some of my specialties in terms of dessert, but I can also make many appies, dips and healthy sides and mains such as spanakopita, creamy basil salmon crostinis and other party foods. I only cater small orders for those in downtown Vancouver.

Also with previous child care experience I can babysit and do Food Crafts with your kiddos and introduce your kids to coooking through arts and crafts such as by making fun chocolate bark shapes like my Rudolph the Reindeer chocolate bark, sushi, etc. Because kids learn through fun activities and this can encourage their interest in cooking. I have led kid’s classes and events in Rec Centres before as well as done tons of babysitting. So this would be like babysitting and teaching wrapped together with a healthy snack for the kids to eat after.

You can email me at or message me on my Facebook business page Dairy Free Indulgence recipes (presently Dairy free indulgence, lockdown/quarantine recipes, healthy recipes) or dm me on instagram under my instagram account @dairyfreeindulgencerecipes

If you are interested, you can email me at or dm me on instagram under my instagram account @dairyfreeindulgencerecipes

Please be very clear in your email as I don’t answer vague emails that look like scams.