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Take back your indulgences guilt free with surprisingly healthy recipes!

mirror glaze chocolate mousse cake, dairy free, eggless and without glucose syrup

Dairy free and lactose free often gets lumped into other diet categories, but many people that eat dairy free like to enjoy an array of foods! Looking for a dairy free recipe blog that is balanced and not strictly Vegan nor Paleo, but has options for all diet types? You’ve found it! Stay tuned as the blog progresses!

I’m Ola, founder and author of the Dairy Free Indulgence blog, a dairy free food blog bringing you weekly indulgent and diverse recipes that are secretly healthy and mostly dairy-free, but most of all delicious, satisfying and simple (well except for a few fancy occasions).

I don’t think healthy dairy free food needs to taste “healthy”, but rather it can have rich flavours and often creamy indulgent texture. I make a lot of indulgent foods without dairy that are surprisingly healthy. I also like making diverse foods from around the world using spices, herbs and fresh ingredients for flavour explosions from natural ingredients.

For some reason dairy-free always gets lumped in with paleo, vegan or gluten free, and although I have lots of options for those and try to eat largely plant based, I like balance and I hope to grow this site so this becomes your easy-going guide for all things dairy free and flexitarian! (Plus a fair bit of coconut recipes as I love coconut!)

Most of my recipes are GFDF (dairy free, gluten free) , full of healthy fats and health conscious, but sometimes they’re just “clean-enough” and fresh simple recipes. Most of all they taste amazing!

Mostly dairy free and allergy friendly recipes: I am not vegan (though there’s lots of plant based alternatives here!) and dairy-free is not my ideology, but due to a mild allergy and dairy’s inflammatory effect on most of the population, I like to do Dairy free versions of all those indulgent foods that are hard to come by dairy free (they also happen to be healthier indulgences), as well as diverse foods that are naturally free from dairy.

Why it’s 99% df and not 100%: Because of the wise advice of the allergist I saw, who said to still eat a little dairy occasionally, because those who go cold turkey can lose their resistance and end up developing full blown allergic reactions later (this is for people with mild allergies, not full blown dairy allergies of course who should stick to strictly Dairy free), I’ve made a balance and I made this site to reflect that, with mostly dairy-free recipes, plus the occasional indulgence of goat cheese etc. Everything in moderation right? 🙂 also when i share traditional cultural recipes i will give both the traditional and DF sub options. And don’t worry for rare occasions with dairy recipes, I’ll be sure to give sub options and to post a non-dairy recipe that same week. There will be lots of healthy simple options and subs for all diet types as well, from paleo to vegan or gluten-free and anti-inflammatory diets.

Benefits of going dairy free (with healthy alternatives): going Dairy free is a large part of anti-inflammatory diet which helps people with many symptoms and conditions such as arthritis. I have also heard for some it clears up their respiratory issues, clears up skin, is something they are doing for heart health, and of course it eases tummy and digestion troubles. Not to mention that dairy free alternatives like coconut milk, avocado, healthy oils, nuts and seeds are a source of healthy fats, and just better for you and more nutritious all around. It is important to eat healthy and choose healthy alternatives when omitting anything which is why I focus on nutrient-dense real food and make my recipes from scratch and include lots of veggies and whole foods. Everyone’s idea of healthy, clean eating is different, but basically a balance of mostly food that’s grown from the ground, plus simple everyday foods and treats that aren’t too processed nor have chemicals added, because most people need hassle free weekday meals and meal prep, and then some special occassion foods and desserts, so its all healthy-ish within moderation.

I’m just getting this new blog going so please be indulgent with me as I edit the punctuation and make it more presentable. (I rely on sunlight so far so not every meal picture is always blog ready! And since building the site takes time, I may have forgotten to capitalize a few things!)

stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates each week. I can also be found posting on instagram under dairyfreeindulgencerecipes. I am just getting started, but I hope to become a useful reference point for you for all things dairy free as well as all things high in healthy fats and coconut!

The allergen free and allergen friendly recipes in this site are useful for anyone from Paleo, Palnt based, Pegan (Dr. Hyman’s term for part Paleo and part vegan), gluten-free, refined sugar free, Whole 30, clean eating, dairy-free (of course!) plus options and comprehensive subs are also given for keto diets.

Aside from food I also teach yoga, bellydance, and kid’s activities, check out my menu to book a lesson!

I am also interested in natural skincare, check out the Shop skincare section in the Menu to see what I use.

Feel free to reach out to me for collabs, the contact info is under Collabs in the Menu.

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