Rudolph the Reindeer (Christmas holiday chocolate bark)

A fun easy Christmas chocolate bark recipe kids can make! Holiday Reindeer chocolate bark 🙂

Christmas chocolate bark recipe kids
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer festive chocolate bark is a kid friendly Christmas holiday recipe
reindeer bark
talk about a reindeer in headlights! the white truffle eyes lost some icing sugar so I would use marshmallows or peppermint candies like on the top right Rudolph bark to make eyeballs as well as snowmen bark
rudolph bark
reindeer chocolate bark

This Christmas holiday bark is such a cheerful diy Christmas gift or activity for the kids or the kid in you! This is a super easy Christmas recipe thats pretty much foolproof!

Rudolph chocolate bark
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer chocolate

Rudolph the Reindeer chocolate bark is such an easy kid friendly, festive chocolate bark recipe that can be made entirely dairy free gluten free and vegan by using candied strawberries for the rudolph nose. get your kids in on the holiday food arts and crafts! All it takes is a trip to the bulk food store to pickup colorful healthy dairy free alternatives to candy for chocolate bark.


approx 415 grams of 70% dark or semisweet chocolate chips (I was a little short with one 255g bag of chocolate chips and its still doable but youll have less reindeer)

optional, 3 tbsp cocoa butter/cacao butter (to make it more milk chocolate)

3-3 2/3 tsp coconut sugar or sugar, or more to taste, kids may like it even sweeter, Use less if using semi sweet chocolate

optional, pinch of cinnamon

pretzels and colorful candies and dried fruit to make rudolphs reindeer face and to make ornaments around (i used large pretzels as my rudolph nose was big. I used candied strawberry and a red chocolate covered cherry for the nose, but if you can have dairy you can used colored M&Ms and mini pretzels. i used chocolate dabbed peppermint candies for the eyes. for healthy red and ornaments I used cranberries, barberries, and dried cherries and candied lime peel. Also Gluten free pretzels and cookies can be found at many grocers if needed.)

shredded coconut and sea salt flakes for the snowy decorations, sugar if desired too

marshmallows for a snowman (i didnt have them so i used a truffle but marshmallows are better)


line a sheet pan with parchment paper and melt chocolate over double boiler, bain marie or in microwave at 30 sec increments, stirring. stir in coconut sugar and cinnamon. once smooth pour over parchment. top with rudolph reindeer faces (to make pupils on peppermint candy eyes i used a drop of melted chocolate carefully applied with my pinky finger) and decorate with other festive colored toppings.

Rudolph the reindeer peppermint chocolate bark variation: add a few drops of peppermint oil and more of the peppermint candies and marshmallows if desired or mini candy canes on the bark.

chocolate bark recipe dairy free vegan paleo gluten free
festive chocolate bark recipe
melted chocolate to make reindeer chocolate bark
dairy free gluten free healthy Christmas chocolate bark
reindeer and snowman bark, so Christmassy and delicious!

Enjoy this diy Reindeer chocolate bark with your kids or give reindeer bark as a cute homemade Christmas gift recipe. for more Christmas goodies check out this fudge recipe and for more Christmas recipes for the whole family check out this long list of complete holiday menu recipes from dinner sides to mains and dairy free desserts and drinks

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  1. Boy oh boy; I want to try that Chocolate bark and the Christmas Kiwi Fruit dish; oh that looks so good! Thanks for sharing…..

    And as a P.S. check out my latest posts on “faith” as I think they might really encourage you at this time, even more! So glad you found a group of fellow Believers that bless you and I bet you bless them too. That is how they rolled in the book of Acts; they went from house to house breaking bread and fellowshiped with one another.

    God continue to bless you and Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!!!

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