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Chocolate bark cups

chirstmas gifts chocolate bark recipe
Easy Chocolate bark cups make a cute homemade Christmas gift and New years party food
Xmas chocolate bark cups with bulk food dried fruit like lime peels and dried cherries and nuts

These chocolate bark cups are a simple cute diy Christmas gift idea and potluck share food for Christmas, a New Years Party and year round. and they are a super easy, no-bake, foolproof recipe! The great thing about making this dairy free chocolate bark as chocolate cups is that you can make as little or as much as you want easily and you can do different flavors in each cup. How to make a Reese looking cup: It’s very easy to achieve that decorative Reese’s chocolate peanut butter cups look simply by using muffin liners in a muffin tin and pouring your melted chocolate into them.

The ratios of how much chocolate to nuts to dried fruit or cookies/candy is fully customizable to how you like it. and they are beautiful homemade gifts. with so many flavors and colors that you can make at once this is the best chocolate bark recipe! Enjoy!

**note: I usually make a smaller amount for just myself, so please bear with me if the 12 muffin sized cup approximation of chocolate is a tiny bit too much or too little, this recipe is really forgiving and easy to adjust to your needs, based on how much chocolate versus nuts and dry fruit you like and leftover melted chocolate is great on ice cream and other desserts. I did want it to be out in time for the holidays as a Christmas gift idea though to inspire you for homemade gift ideas!


Approx 2.5 cups melted dairy free dark or semisweet chocolate chips (from approx**. 2 bags of 283g chocolate chips) such as by Enjoy Life brand*

Approx 3/4 cup Nuts/seeds ex roasted hazelnuts, macademias, almonds, pistachios

1/2-3/4 cup (to taste) Dried fruit ex cherries, crystallized ginger, raspberry, goji, chopped apricot or dried pineapple (or sub more nuts instead for keto fat bombs) or crumbled coookies or candy pieces for festive chocolate bark

1/4 cup Toasted or plain coconut flakes, optional

Optional: 1-2.5 tsp coconut sugar or preferred sugar/ sweetener such as xylitol or a good pinch of stevia to taste (esp. If using dark chocolate)

* (I don’t recommend baking chocolate as it’s bitter & not always the best tasting. use more or less depending on your size of muffin tin, how many cups you want to make and if you want chocolate cups topped with toppings or lots of nuts and fruit and chocolate poured around it, make however many you want that week as they’re so straight forward!)


Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or use the bain marie method with a heat safe bowl over a pot of steaming water or microwave at 30 sec increments, stirring the bottom between increments to prevent burning. line a large 12 muffin pan or mini 24 muffin tin ( I am linking a 48 mini muffin tin instead as it’s got excellent value-more for same price of 24 mini muffins) with muffin liners and sprinkle in nuts and dry fruit and coconut if using. pour chocolate over top, you may not use all the chocolate, depending on how much filling you put in form nuts, fruit or cookies. place in fridge until set for about 1-2.5 hours. if you left it long in fridge let them sit out to soften up.

variation: pour chocolate in first then add fillings on top instead of inside.

Variation: change up the ratio of chocolate to nuts and fruit based on what you want to taste more of ( if you dont love dark chocolate alone add the coconut sugar and plenty of fillings like dried fruit)

Flavor suggestions:

Crystalized ginger and gingersnap cookie chocolate bark with chopped gingersnap cookie pieces and crystallized ginger pieces

candy cane chocolate bark cups with chopped candy cane pieces

crumbled hazelnut dark chocolate,

almond chocolate bark with blueberry or goji.

Hawaiian chocolate (coconut flakes, macademias and chopped dried pineapple)

persian chocolate (pistachios and chopped apricot and/or goji), also if you can get some candied lime peel at the bulk food store it will add a festive bright green without candy

hazelnut cherry chocolate bark(using dried cherries or cranberries)

cookie bark: add crumbled cookies of choice on top of the chocolate bark, use Free From cookies for gluten free dairy free cookie bark

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