Dairy free vegan chocolate fudge recipe

With Christmas come Christmas goodies like fudge, and this is the best dairy free, vegan chocolate fudge recipe!

vegan chocolate fudge
Dairy free fudge (no bake Recipe)
dairy free chocolate fudge recipe made with condensed coconut milk
Chocolate fudge made with condensed coconut milk ( lactose free, Dairy free, vegan, allergen free)

This delicious, lush, yet easy fudge recipe is a perfect year round and Christmas holiday dessert and its dairy free, but you wont be able to tell!

Homemade fudge is great for any Christmas potluck or Christmas holiday party, including a New Years Party as this chocolate fudge recipe is super easy to make, foolproof and requires minimal prepwork and time to make, plus its a no-bake fudge recipe, so you can use the free oven space for turkey and roasted veggies, and focus your free time on other things like getting dolled up. And everyone of every diet type can indulge in a piece!

This dairy free chocolate fudge is also vegan, paleo and gluten free. this fudge is a no bake dessert and it only requires 4 ingredients for pure chocolate fudge, and 5 ingredients for pecan chocolate fudge. All you need is some 70% dark chocolate, condensed coconut milk or vegan condensed milk, and coconut oil or cocoa butter to make this gooey milk chocolate fudge. You can make it allergen free and nut free or add crumbled pecans for chocolate pecan fudge. Or you can make it a very merry Christmas chocolate peppermint recipe with a few drops of peppermint oil.

And even if you dont have a double boiler you could literally make it as a microwave fudge by melting the chocolate in the microwave or in a well secured bowl over a saucepan of steaming water (bain marie method).

tip for ahead of time: make enough room in freezer for an upright loaf pan without a spill.

*condensed coconut milk is not to be confused with evaporated coconut milk which is too thin for this. it can be found online on Amazon and in the baking section of some grocers with a big selection of baking items, healthy items and international items etc like at Mein Hardt and some Walmarts.

** tip: I suggest not just pouring in all the coconut oil that collects at the top of the condensed coconut milk can, but rather scoop everything out evenly. don’t worry if you forget, I did too this time and it was still delicious, just a little more gooey and melty


  • 335-360 ml of sweetened condensed coconut milk (I used almost 2 x 200 ml cans of condensed coconut milk*. I didn’t use some of the liquidy coconut oil at the top of the can. A tiny bit less or more can be used to sweetness and darkness preference or if using a can thats approx 335 ml)
  • 255 g bag of dark chocolate chips, I used Enjoy Life brand for dairy free chocolate chips, they are about 70% dark chocolate (for those who tolerate dairy milk chocolate can be used for milk chocolate fudge)
  • 2.5-3 tbsp cacao butter/cocoa butter
  • optional, 1 small drop pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup or more chopped pecans, optional
  • pinch sea salt flakes, optional


  1. line loaf pan with parchment paper or use silicone loaf pan
  2. In a double boiler or bain marie method using a heat safe glass bowl or microwave at 30 sec increments, melt chocolate, coconut oil, vanilla, and cacao butter fully, making sugar not a drop of water gets in.
  3. then add it all to a mixing bowl and add condensed coconut milk (see tip above**) and stir until smooth. stir in nuts if using. let cool a few minutes.
  4. pour into lined loaf pan, cover the top with aluminum foil, and if you have time, let it cool for a few minutes or place it in the fridge briefly first, then freeze until set, but not hard, about 2-2.5 hours
  5. cut up using a large sharp knife, use a spatula if needed to scoop without overhandling with warm hands (for nicer presentation).
  6. enjoy! store leftovers in the fridge, but i doubt you’ll have any leftover!

peppermint chocolate fudge variation: stir in a few drops of peppermint oil to the bowl and if you like some small broken candy cane pieces before freezing. If desired add a little extra sugar to sweeten it more with the refreshing mint flavor.

Chocolate orange fudge variation: add a few drops of orange oil and grated orange zest to the fudge at the start.

simple 2 ingredient fudge or 3 ingredient fudge: use just dark chocolate and condensed coconut milk. it will be darker if undiluted so if you want it more milky add just a little more condensed coconut milk in place of the coconut oil. omit the pecans and vanilla to keep it a 2 or 3 ingredient recipe.

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these are so fudgy and lush! pure chocolate fudge, pecan fudge or peppermint fudge, have it your way! they almost look like fudgey brownie squares don’t they? but theyre a super easy no bake dessert!

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