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Valentine’s Chocolate Bark Hearts

Be My Valentine Chocolate Hearts

Need a cute, thoughtful Valentine’s day dessert recipe to gift someone special? Perhaps some thoughtful homemade Valentine chocolate hearts?

You will want to bookmark this Be Mine Chocolate Hearts recipe for V-day! Or make the simple square or round version for an everyday, healthy dessert/snack. If you and your loved one like flavoured chocolate and pomegranate then you’re going to love this juicy pomegrante chocolate dessert recipe that is as healthy as a snack! Plus there are variations using dried berries, dried fruit, tiny pink candy hearts or red sprinkles if you don’t have pomegranate.

This Valentine’s chocolate gift says my heart beats for only you!

A lovely, thoughtful chocolate recipe to spoil your Valentine this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s day what better way to say Be My Valentine or show you care than with these Be Mine ruby red pomegranate chocolate hearts?

A few of these chocolate hearts in a pretty chocolate box make a very giftable idea, just serve fresh the day of or day before if using pomegranate!

Maybe you cant buy your Valentine diamonds, but the ruby sheen of the pomegranate rubies (ehm i mean airils) creates pretty jewelled hearts that are very thoughtful for a homemade gift that’s chocolatey and beautiful.

And its pretty simple to make this unique pomegranate bejewelled chocolate bark hearts recipe

Sexy Pomegranate Chocolate Bark Hearts recipe to spoil your Valentine this Valentine’s day.

this recipe is perfect for a sexy homemade V-day gift or valentine’s day party and its quick to prepare for a last minute Valentine’s day recipe too, though I recommend planning ahead a little 😉

Yields 4-6 cookie cutter size chocolates (up to 7 can be made as i did, but I would make them as thick as possible next time to make them easier to pry out)


255 g dairy free dark chocolate chips, I like Enjoy Life Brand for guaranteed good dairy-free chocolate for melting

2 tsp sugar/xylitol/coconut sugar, or more to taste or 2 pinches of stevia

1 pomegranate, or sub with dried raspberries or freeze dried strawberries or chopped dried strawberries or pink sprinkles/tiny red candy hearts

To make chocolate heart shapes you will need:

Heart shaped silicone molds, or heart shaped cookie cutters, which are a little more work than moulds, but heart shapes quite easy especially if you only need 2-5 for your loved one. but for a party you will need an easier method using a silicone chocolate mold.

(Or they can be done as chocolate cups instead of hearts in a muffin tin lined with muffin paper liners as pomegranate chocolate cups (you can put the pomegranate on top to be more visually stunning or inside the bark cups) or simply as a regular square or pomegranate chocolate bark made in a brownie pan lined with parchment paper and then broken up as pomegranate chocolate bites. they will still be stunning and V-day themed with the ruby red or make a good winter snack.)

for another variation see my fudge recipe and make a pomegranate fudge. The fudge will be softer to cut heart shapes into. Or just have it as squares.


To seed a pomegranate roll the pomegranate then cut the top off and see where the wedges are and cut according to wedges to not split the pomegranate airils and keep the pomegranate seeds in tact for pretty ruby shapes. or sub with dried raspberries, chopped dried strawberries or pink sprinkles or mini candy hearts.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or bain marie or microwave at 30 second increments, stir in the sugar and melt until smooth, stirring often. Pour into silicone molds or metal cookie cutters on top of a parchment paper lined pan.

tip: if using metal cookie cutters make them as thick as possible for easier prying out, but leave enough room at the top of the mold or cutter for pomegranate seeds to be added on top.

If using a cookie cutter, after 50 minutes or so when the chocolate is set, yet not rock hard, take it out of the fridge and use a sharp knife to carefully cut around the heart shape to separate it from the mold, then carefully pry it out.

Once set cover it loosely with seran wrap above the baking tin and store in the fridge. they will be good for about 2 days but of course fresh is best as its a fresh pomegranate so the taste and color should be fresh or just made the night before!

Variations: Instead of pomegranate seeds use heart shaped pink sprinkles or small pink candies that are sold around Valentine’s Day or simply pink sprinkles or dried red berries, or dried cherries. If needed to check that the pink sprinkles are dairy free. You could even carve out half a strawberry in a heart shape, red part up, and put the strawberry in the middle instead.

Or if your Valentine can have dairy (or can find or make dairy free white chocolate) or better yet ruby chocolate (pink chocolate, not usually dairy free) then make pink chocolate hearts! You could even make a whole box of different colours, if you like, by using a silicone chocolate mould. This is also a great idea for an arts and crafts class or food craft class and doesn’t only need to be heart shaped. Or use colored icing and a thin pipe to create conversation hearts with the words Xoxo or Love, once the chocolate has set and been cut out.

Give this no-bake Valentine’s gift of chocolate hearts to someone special for Valentine’s day or any day to show you care!

Forget Valentine’s chocolate truffles- these ruby red chocolate hearts are super Valentine’s day themed!

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This chocolate gift says my heart beats for only you!

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