Best Valentine’s dessert recipes to spoil your Valentine this V-Day

Whether its for just you and your Valentine having a romantic date night on Valentine’s Day, or if its for a Valentine’s Day party, these thoughtful, sexy Valentine Recipes are pretty, simple and delicious. they are also no-bake Valentine’s desserts.

You will want to bookmark this recipe compilation for special occassions.

This list includes the best Valentines day chocolate recipes such as chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate bark made into heart shapes, and a no-bake chocolate mousse cake, plus a sparkling Rose wine recipe.

be mine chocolate hearts

If you are looking for a unique Valentine’s day crafts to gift why not make some beautiful food art like these lovely heart shaped chocolates. These Be My Valentine Chocolate Hearts bejewelled with pomegranate rubies, are a thoughtful diy Valentine’s gift.

these chocolate hearts say My Heart beats only for you!

For a Valentine’s day clasic dessert, that’s a perfect Valentine’s day party food and party finger food try this chocolate covered strawberry recipe.

(Sparkling) Rosé Wine jello cups, topped with orange oil coconut whip (also in the recipe), so easy, quick, boozy and whipped cream topped!

Or a simple no-bake chocolate mousse cake: to keep it simple omit the mirror glaze, or only make it on the top not the sides as in the recipe simplification and garnish with sliced strawberries (perhaps arrange the strawberries in a heart shape with the red side up for a Red heart v-day look or in a floral arrangement with the points facing outwarsd and spiraling out. This will add juicy chocolate strawberry flavor to the rich chocolate mousse cake.)

Tip: make the chocolate mousse part the night before Valentine’s day or in the morning so it has a few hours to set, and you have time to decorate the next day.

Or some easy no-bake chocolate fudge.

So if you’re not sure what your loved one wants for Valentine’s day you cannot go wrong with chocolate, rose wine and thoughtful gifts!

These dessert recipes happen to be dairy-free, gluten-free and allergen free, free from recipes, but are just as indulgent as any of their dairy counterparts!

And of course, non recipe ways to spoil your Valentine include neck rubs, music, wine and quality time!

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