Champagne jello shots

new years eve cocktail recipe
This bubbly jello cups recipe is a decorative wine dessert perfect for a New Years Eve party!

Jellied Champagne dessert cups are a foolproof celebratory dessert cocktail to serve on NYE. Or use rose wine for a light boozy Valentine’s day dessert.

nye wine recipe
Champagne Jell-O shots

Looking for a simple, yet fancy looking and beautiful New Year’s Eve party recipe idea such as a NYE cocktail recipe or dessert recipe? Or a simple Valentine’s day recipe for your loved one, that’s made with rosé wine? Try this fusioon of a dessert and cocktail: a dessert cocktail that you can eat. These sparkling wine or champagne jello cups are classy NYE jello shots. The easy jello is made from scratch with only wine, fruit and a little gelatin (or vegan sub of agar), there are no artificial colors here.

These fun sparkling wine jelly cups with peaches and raspberries are simple and quick to prepare and a lovely cocktail dessert to serve at a New Years Eve party or Valentine’s Day party if you use rosé wine. They are the perfect New Years Eve cocktail that is also an adult dessert! The fruit is not only decorative but adds natural sweetness and flavor.

What a decorative wine recipe in the form of a fruity cocktail champagne jello shots to ring in the New Year!


Scant 4 cups of rosé, sparkling rosé or sparkling white wine, prosecco or dry champagne, at room temp not chilled (pick a sweet wine, even a cheep bottle will do. (I used rosé, for kid friendly you can use white grape juice, peach juice or mango juice)

2 pouches/ 2 tbsp of gelatin (flavorless from baking section)

1 can of sliced peaches in syrup

1.5 tbsp sugar or few natural flavoured stevia drops, I use the raspberry one for when I make frozen berry jello (if using frozen fruit you will want to use fully hot water as the cold fruit will lower the overall water temperature and affect the gelatin).

For the orange infused coconut whipped cream (optional but recommended):

one can of coconut cream, chilled at least 4 hours or frozen coconut whip or spray can coconut whip (the frozen kind melts so add just before serving)

few drops orange oil

grated orange zest

sugar to taste (make it sweet as the wine is not overly sweet)


Tip: use a sweet wine and add enough peach syrup and sugar as it will be more sour after setting.

cover the gelatin in 4 tbsp of water and let it bloom 5 minutes.

Place 1 1/3 cup of the wine and several spoonfuls of the syrup from the canned peaches, as well as the sugar in a sauce pan over very low heat. (if your wine was chilled then warm it all so its no longer cold before adding gelatin). stir in bloomed gelatin. warm for 2-3 minutes until gelatin and sugar dissolves fully, stirring often down to the bottom. it should be pretty hot, but never come to a boil, and there should be no clumps of gelatin. pour the remaining wine into a measuring jug and pour the hot wine over it, stirring. make it a little sweeter than you like it as it becomes less sweet after setting.

place peach slices and raspberries into martini glasses or cocktail glasses or wine glasses and pour the wine over top. cover top of the glass with seran wrap and let chill for at least 4 hours or until set-when you gently jiggle the glass it should not budge at all.

to make the coconut whip, scoop out only the top cream part of the coconut, and place in mixing bowl. beat with hand mixer for a couple of minutes til fluffy and clump free, adding a few drops of orange oil, sugar and grated orange zest part way through. place dollops of whip onto the set jello cups and garnish with orange zest. of course if using ready whip you can skip the beating steps and sugar.

This bubbly Champagne jello shot cups recipe may have you feeling like Champagne Papi himself! (ok I love Drake..and i hope one of his songs is on the NYE tracks..)

For more swanky New Year’s eve cocktails, drinks, decor and recipes such as party tray ideas check out this post on NYE menu ideas

Cheers and Happy New Years!

“All we got is champagne problems now” Katy Perry Don’t mind my music and drink pairing, make this recipe to this song just for fun 😉

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