healthy dairy free recipes

Basic Brining for moist tender fish and meat: How to brine salmon, other fish and meat and timing

Brining both creates more moist less dried out food esp when baking since water follows where salt goes. plus brining salmon also helps prevent that white unsightly film from forming.

For 170g of salmon: 7 cups water, 4 tbsp salt, 15 min

For meat: 8 cups water, 4 tbsp salt. Brine for 15-30 min for small cuts of meat.

Brining especially for longer times will infuse salt in your food so you may not need much/any extra salt later, to preference

Brining makes the food salty so no need to add salt after. After brining the salmon grill or bake it and pair with my creamy basil avocado spread for a phenomenal salmon burger with creamy basil sauce or pair with my harissa guacamole.

Creamy basil avocado spread
basil avocado spread
the salmon in the burger is hiding under all that guacamole!

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