Creamy basil avocado spread

Creamy basil avocado spread for the best salmon burger or the best avocado toast

If you’ve been asking yourself what toppings to put on a salmon burger or any burger really, or what tastes good with salmon or simply what is the best avocado toast recipe ever, then you’ve found the perfect pairing for salmon burgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers or simply alone as the best avocado toast ever! This basil spread is also perfectly paired with smoked salmon on crostinis or baguette toasts for a New Years canapes as an appie and finger food to nibble on or simple warmed toast so you can enjoy this spread in abundance.

This creamy basil avocado and goat cheese spread is one of my few dairy recipes so you better believe its really good! theres a dairy free/vegan sub option below too thats also delicious. Its also paleo and gluten free of course. A great dip or spread for a NYE party tray along with crackers and veggies.

creamy basil guacamole spread
or have it as a dip and spread for crackers for a NYE party tray


1 large, ripe avocado, mashed

113g log (smallest log) of goat cheese (or sub another avocado and a pinch garlic powder if desired. for a df vegan sub: i imagine it would also work with plain or garlicky vegan cream cheese)

Basil from almost 2 basil plants or sub 2-3 packs of 1oz/28g packs of fresh basil, chopped finely, ends removed (less can be used, but the basil flavor will be more subtle and it will have more of a goat cheese flavor)

Very generous dash lemon juice, to keep avocado from browning

sea salt

Dash olive oil as needed to blend

Recipe Directions:

Place all ingredients in a food chopper, mini food processor, or the small bowl of a food processor, stopping to scrape down the sides often and add oil as needed. spread on warmed bread or salmon burgers or chicken burgers. avocado browns easily so serve immediately and if you have leftovers add extra lemon juice, refridgerate and consume within 2 days (1 ideally).

Tip: if you won’t eat it all at once, divide the recipe in half and make more later rather than having the avocado go brown on you.

serve this basil avocado spread with a (brined) salmon fillet burger as in my previous post or some cedar planked salmon or salmon patty best salmon burger ever or simply on crackers or warmed bread for a lovely appie or the best avocado toast ever!!

Try this basil spread on a burger today and also check out my guacamole post for another great salmon burger spread idea.

a great spread or dip for a New Years Eve party tray

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