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The Best New Years Eve Party Food and Drinks Recipes

nye party tray ideas
party tray idea

Whether you are hosting a New Year’s Eve Party or you are invited to a NYE potluck and wondering what appies and food do people serve or bring to a New Year’s Party? and what are good party food ideas? this NYE menu will give you some delicious ideas for NYE recipes.

This NYE 2020 menu has you covered from appetizers and nibblers, dips to snacks and desserts, both fancy and simple, and for a glam cocktail, some champagne jello shot cups!

From healthy to decadent these New Year’s recipes are sure to impress and everyone can find something here, as most recipes are allergen free and healthy and most are easy New Years recipes. So whether you’re looking for gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, paleo, plant-based, vegan or vegetarian, these New Years Party foods have got you covered!

Jellied champagne cocktail dessert for the adults at the NYE party

For a simple dessert cocktail recipe for a NYE Party try these sparkling wine jello cups.

Or for a party food finger food that’s kid friendly try these chocolate covered strawberries.

For a decor idea for a NYE party tray, use bell peppers as colorful and decorative dip bowls for all your favorite dips and spreads as a great veggie tray or cracker tray presentation. Try this delicious basil avocado spread as a spread or dip for crackers or warmed baguette toasts (also a great spread with smoked salmon toasts and canapes made with crostinis). Garnish with a piece of spinach and half a cherry tomato and you have a delicious canape crostini! Its a great addition to any charcuterie board.

Or have harissa guacamole as another dip option.

new years evwe recipes

For delicious New Years Eve appies (that happen to be plant based and relatively healthy) try:

For a delicious hors d’oeuvre recipe try these dairy-free, vegan spanakopita with antipasto filling. These flakey phyllo pastry flavor bombs are one of the great finger foods in this NYE menu! You won’t even miss the cheese in these, or of course if you want, add a crumbling of goat cheese before baking.

I took everyone favorite dip of antipasto and stuffed it in flakey phyllo pastry for vegan spanakopita with just as much if not more flavor than the original!

Or Cauliflower wings for a gluten free, plant based healthy appie.

Easy spiced bbq Cauliflower wings

Or for snacking try these butterless candied pecans and walnuts (also a gluten free NYE snack to nibble on and a great finger food). Another great addition to a charcuterie board with fruit.

For a fancy celebratory cake try: Mirror glaze chocolate mousse cake (dairy free mousse cake with gluten free and vegan options), to keep it simple you don’t need to make a glaze down the sides, just a chocolate mousse cake the night before, and the next morning add either a top glaze or just garnish with strawberries. So you don’t have to fuss on NYE!

Celebration cake!

For easy New Years Dessert Snack Recipes to share that happens to be gluten-free and dairy free: Chocolate bark cups

And Simple no-bake vegan Fudge, foolproof and easy so you can focus on getting dolled up. Also gluten free.

And have it with a glass of (spiked or virgin) eggless Eggnog with a frosted rim. Also if you cant get enough of eggnog take a look at my lactose free/dairy free eggnog mousse cheesecake!

Want to get decorative and festive with your drinks? Try this easy Cranberry decorated festive Wine idea.

If coming in from the cold outside try the gingerbread spice hot chocolate, a perfect warming drink recipe after snow activities and skiing!

And for New Years cocktails to sip on try a White Christmas Margarita or a Coquito recipe (puerto Rican eggnog cocktail) or a fresh Pina Colada

easy basil avocado spread in bell pepper bowls

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