breakfast and brunch

Delicious tropical green smoothie bowl

i used to think green smoothies were for health but not taste, but this tropical green bowl changes that notion and its a great recipe to add to your weekly breakfast bowls or healthy afternoon snacks.

this healthy green smoothie bowl is delicious, creamy and fro-yo like and full of MUFAS (healthy fats) from avocado to help keep you full and satiated!


1 avocado

1 cup of frozen mango chunks or 1 small ataulfo mango ( I like to dice and freeze fresh mango myself as store-bought frozen mango doesn’t seem to be picked at ripeness as its not sweet)

1 cup frozen pineapple (you can use double if you don’t have mango)

1 banana, sliced, frozen or not


Blend in a food chopper or small food processor (unless you have a powerful blender that can handle only solids without liquid). top with lots of slivered almonds or whole almonds for protein and (toasted) coconut for tropical vibes and/ or with more fruit and berries and granola.

thats it! add some healthy fats to your breakfast or snacks today!

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