Anti-inflammatory diet

Tropical smoothie bowl

pitaya gives a fuschia color to the smoothie bowl. And now you don’t have to go to Hawaii to get it if you can find it frozen in tropical frozen fruit mixes! Or substitute with red berries

210g fresh or frozen storebought or homemade tropical fruit mix ( mango, pineapple, pitaya chunks or pitaya smoothie pack for fuschia color or sub strawberries/raspberries)

Optional 1/2 banana (use briefly frozen slices for a thicker nice cream smoothie bowl), if not using add a tiny bit more frozen fruit

Small handful coconut flakes (to make them softer and fuschia colored, you can freeze them along with the pitaya or red berries)

1/2 cup coconut cream from a can of coconut milk

Optional if you want to add protein add up to a scoop of vanilla protein powder

If using frozen unthawed fruit it’s best to use a food processor to blend or add 1 cup of coconut cream and a little bit of the coconut milk liquid as needed to blend in a blender. Blend all the ingredients.

Top with nuts, granola and extra coconut

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