breakfast and brunch

Crispy classic hashbrown haystacks and chive hashies

These delicious simple potato latkes are a gluten-free, dairy-free brunch or dinner side. Usually potato latkes made for Hannukah are made with a binding ingredient like matzo meal, crumbs, or eggs, or modern potato pancakes are often made with cheese, but it’s really not necessary since potatoes are starchy enough to hold on their own shape, so this is a simple 2-ingredient recipe or 4-ingredient recipe if you make the garlic chive potato pancakes variation by adding chives, nutritional yeast and garlic powder for an almost cheesy flavor bomb.

Homemade hashbrowns and chive hashbrown patties for a hot brunch with poached eggs on top of these potato latkes and a side of sausage..Or for a vegan brunch try these vegan hashbrown patties with a side tofu scramble such as my turmeric scramble recipe which can be done with tofu or eggs.

Whether you call them hashies, or hashbrown patties these dairy-free hashbrown cakes are a delicious addition to a healthy brunch! and they happen to be a sugar-free American breakfast, thats also a vegetrian, gf, lactose-free, Whole 30 breakfast while being a healthy kid-friendly, family-sized hearty side.


4 medium russet potatoes, peeled

olive oil, generous

Optional: pinch onion powder (can be omitted if using chive and garlic variation)

Chive variation: 3 tbsp dried chives (or more to taste. if using fresh chives pat dry 1st), chives are optional but highly recommended

optional add ons for Garlicky chive hashbrown cakes: 1/4 tsp each nutritional yeast and garlic powder (parmesan or grated cheddar is often used, but the nush with chives and garlic has a subtle cheesey flavor)

sea salt, generous

pepper, to taste


Peel the potatoes, and put them one at a time into a pot of cold water to prevent browning. Add salt. Boil the potatoes in salted water for about 25-30 minutes until just fork tender. Do not overcook them or you will have mashed potatoes instead of shreddable potatoes for hashies. Drain and let cool until you can handle them.

If you want to bake the hashies rather than pan-frying preheat the oven to 425 F.

Grate the potatoes with the large grating disc of a food processor or the large grater of a box/cheese grater (the food processor does it in a second for impatient cooks!) . place the shredded potatoes into a bowl (or just take the blade etc out of the processor and use as a bowl) and stir in the seasonings (except oil). I like mine with tons of dried chives so don’t be afraid to add extra. mold the potatoes into haystack patties pressing them gently together. make them about 1/4-1/3″ thick and uniform size so they cook evenly, any shape works.

place parchment paper on a sheet pan and lightly brush with olive oil. put the hashbrown patties onto it with a little space between each and brush with olive oil on top.

Bake about 45 minutes, flipping once halfway thru, or bake until golden brown and crispy, but with some yellow so they dont get too crunchy.

If you want them done faster then fry them in a pan. Heat generous olive oil over medium heat for about 5 minutes per side or until golden brown, adding oil as needed in the gaps. (I used avocado oil for the chive ones since I ran out of olive oil, hence their greenish hue.) Chive hashies are my favorite.

Serve hot and fresh with ketchup for breakfast/ brunch with a poached egg and breakfast sausage or for dinner with meat.

they are a great, crowd-pleasing brunch get-together recipe or for breakfast in bed for Valentine’s day, mother’s day or father’s day. And just a great side for a family meal together.

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