Anti-inflammatory diet

Instant pot or stovetop fruity spiced turmeric root tea

A delicious anti-inflammatory turmeric tonic for a sore throat or cold cure, made from the fresh turmeric root itself containing active curcumin, which helps fight cancer, inflammation and many ailments, plus its a soothing hot drink for a sore throat. Its low fodmap if you don’t add honey.

Turmeric root 1/4 Lb/113grams,peeled or washed*

Tiny knob of ginger, peeled or washed (it has intense taste so unless you’re fighting a cold or inflammation use less)

6 cups water

Cinnamon stick (or 2 if not using 5 spice)

a pinch of chinese 5 spice or 1 star anise pod, optional

2 Sliced Persimmons (cooking takes away their tingliness on tongue)or a few pitted dates or a few lemon or orange slices (wash the peel first before slicing)

After cooking- optional: Lemon and honey to taste

*turmeric stains so if you peel it use a large cutting board and lien the counter with paper towels to catch bits of peel which will stain. if you’re going out that night use food safe gloves, but usually the hand stains come out within a day or so

Instant Pot pressure cooking method: 6 cups water, 3 pitted dates, 2 cinnamon sticks or 1 plus a pinch of five spice, 110 grams turmeric root, 1- 2″knob ginger,

cook on low pressure for 7 minutes then let it release naturally for 10minutes and move the pressure release to Venting. I usually just ladle the drink omitting the roots and cinnamon sticks but you can discard them before hand or pour through a sieve into container. turmeric does stain so use the same glass or glass jar for keepin it in so all your glassware doesnt get stained

stovetop: cook over medium low heat for 10-12 minutes

Stir in raw honey and lemon to taste or enjoy as is as the version with dates will have some sweetness

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