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These delicious, recipes for healthy eating, won’t throw off your New Year’s resolution diet!

Need healthy quarantine meals? these recipes are perfect immune-boosting foods!

If you are planning for a healthy sugar-free January full of real food and whole foods, take a look at some of these recipes and many more on this website! So try one of these delicious healthy recipes that are perfect for your New Year’s diet and 2020 goals! From healthy and protein-packed breakfast meal prep and nutritious smoothies to wholesome soups and stews, bright nutrient-dense salads and veggie sides, down to satifsying, yet surprisingly healthy mains and snacks. A good balance of options for high protein plant-based, paleo, sugar-free and gluten-free diets.

New Years Resolution to eat more greens and protein for breakfast and lunch and to have better meal prep? Try this easy, delicious Swiss chard and bell pepper quiche with a healthy dairy free pie crust, or a paleo variation given in the same recipe, as grain free fritata cups.

Or for an anti inflammatory diet breakfast recipe try this turmeric scramble with eggs or tofu and veggies, also said to be a hangover cure.

Or perhaps for a healthy breakfast meal prep for a quick on the go breakfast try this vegan protein packed chia pudding with nutbutter and bananas or this eggnog chia pudding. Speaking of which, if you can’t get enough eggnog, this coconut eggnog recipe is very healthy and simple and the maple syrup can be subbed with vanilla stevia drops for a sugar free eggnog whenever you want it!

Looking for a healthy slow cooker or Instant Pot bone broth recipe? check out this collagen rich bone broth recipe for a myriad of healing health benefits for better skin and nails, healthier joints and gut healing. Great for many diets from GAPS to Paleo and keto.

For another collagen-rich healthy recipe try this all natural fruit juice sweetened mango JellO. Easy paleo jello made from scratch with gelatin or agar agar (flavorless seaweed thats healthy) for a vegan jello.

Fresh fruit juice jello from scratch

Resolution to eat more plant based? try this simple bbq spiced roasted cauliflower

Easy spiced bbq Cauliflower wings

For more leafy greens and colorful veggies in a hearty healthy salad with a healthy salad dressing, try this kale salad with apple, butternut squash and tahini dressing. Its full of antioxidants from pomegranate, a super-food and full of every color of veggie for a nutrient-dense and hearty salad bowl with plant-based protein form tahini and walnuts. Lots of health benefits from this power bowl! And its very kid friendly because its juicy and sweet from the fruit and has a sweet creamy halva-like tahini dressing.

Or for more of a savory simple salad, try a paleo salad dressing with your next mixed salad.

Or this Whole Foods copy-cat recipe of kale salad with savory creamy tahini garlic dressing.

For for a warming, anti-inflammatory recipe try this delicious and nutritious, ginger-infused Pumpkin squash soup with coconut milk.

For a healthy plant-based dinner try: a creamy dahl lentil stew (Vegan)

Or for a vegan and paleo (pegan) dinner try this ratatouille pizza with grain free crust and veggie-loaded ratatouille topping (gluten free pizza with vegan option). its also a whole 30 dinner.

or for another paleo, whole 30 dinner try these Braised turkey legs with Roasted Rosemary sweet potato chunks,

or for a healthy dinner recipe using turkey leftovers try a healthy turkey pot pie soup or chicken pot pie soup (Dairy free, gluten free, and with a vegan sub!)

or for a healthy simple meatless dinner try this plant based sheet pan dinner of zaa’tar roasted chickpeas with tahini sauce

For another middle eastern dish to pair with the chickpeas with beta-carotene-rich carrots try these delicious harissa roasted carrots. They are so easy to prepare and you’ll gladly eat more carrots than ever you know carrots are great for eyesight and one of the gold standards of veggies!

As for healthy sides..

Looking for an easy, healthy Instant pot recipe to try with your new Instant Pot that you got for Christmas? try this easy Coconut rice as a great side.

Or for a change of sides or bread, make this easy grain-free sweet potato almond flour flatbread, paleo and gluten free of course, and a high protein lunch or breakfast! It’s also vegan.

Grain free sweet potato flatbread almond flour

Or a simple healhty snack of homemade trail mix, paleo with keto and whole 30 options.

For an anti-inflammatory recipe try this turmeric latte (caffeine free and dairy free golden milk) as a great addition to your morning hot drink and healthy coffee alternative.

If you are looking for healthy smoothies try this berry lassi smoothie with probiotic rich yogurt (vegan). Its one of the many delicious healthy smoothie recipes and healthy dairy free protein shakes to start the new year off right! See more of the best healthy smoothies without dairy and of course therefore they are allergen free, vegan and paleo smoothie recipes.

And for a healthy dessert try this Pomegranate chocolate bark

Or a wholesome dessert snack that’s sugar free and practically a smoothie bowl (but tastes like dessert) try this chocolate cherry mousse, I added a handful of dried cherries to the recipe, but you can sub with extra frozen cherries and if you like half a (Frozen, diced) banana or pinch of stevia to make it fully suga- free.

If you are looking for healthy alternatives for topping all your favorite desserts with dairy free whipped cream, try making coconut whipped cream with 6 flavors including a chocolate mousse coconut whipped cream. Its a guiltless, vegan, and paleo treat and of course dairy-free whip.

Check out previous posts in the search bar to find Moroccan chermoula as a healthy marinade or chermoula quinoa and chickpeas, and much more! I will also be posting lots of simple everyday healthy recipes for January and upcoming months!

Take a look in the top menu too for special diet options and recipes by type. Most of the recipes on this site are refined sugar free, allergen free, healthy and of course dairy free!

Stay tuned for more healthy recipes in January and upcoming months. If you are looking for clean eating January, these recipes will not let you down!

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