Easy dairy-free Chocolate cherry mousse

If I wasn’t impatient to eat this mousse right away it would have set more solid in the fridge, but it was too good to wait!

This dairy-free chocolate cherry raspberry mousse or simply chocolate cherry mousse or chocolate raspberry mousse recipe is a super easy raw dessert thats as healthy as a snack and made with coconut cream, cherries and chocolate so its a paleo and vegan friendly dessert.

chocolate cherry mousse dairy free

Chocolate cherry mousse spin: Chocolate raspberry cherry mousse


1 can of coconut milk, top cream part only

Big handful Frozen cherries

about 12 frozen raspberries (or more frozen cherries)

small handful Dried cherries, for sweetness and flavor

tsp-2tsp(or more to taste) cacao powder, to taste, the more chocolatey you make it the more sugar or dried cherries you’ll need as cocoa powder is bitter

tsp coconut oil or mct oil, optional, to make it a little healthier

Optional 1-2.5tbsp coconut sugar or maple syrup, to taste

Grated chocolate for topping

Blend all in blender and top with grated chocolate ( and granish with halved pitted cherries if in blog wasn’t yet up in Aug when i garnished this!)

Variations: Make it all cherry by replacing the raspberries with frozen cherries (and you will need less sweetener). Or make it all raspberry and replace the frozen cherries with frozen raspberries (you may need more sweetener as cherries are sweeter than raspberries).

If you like this recipe and share it tag me on instagram @dairyfreeindulgencerecipes #dairyfreeindulgencerecipes (i know the name is long but dairyfreeindulgence was already taken on insta!). I’d love to see your versions of my recipe 🙂

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