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How to make Coconut whipped cream (6 flavors)

This vegan and paleo recipe for coconut whipped cream is delicious and easy to make in minutes. make coconut whipped cream paleo by using monk sugar or maple syrup or keto whipped cream by using stevia instead of sugar.


One 400ml can of coconut milk, full fat, chilled overnight (some brands work better than others based on ingredients)

optional add ons: tsp of vanilla extract, flavor variations as given below

sugar, xylitol or maple syrup or monk sugar to taste. or a pinch of stevia


Chill bowl and the beaters of a hand mixer and a can of coconut milk or cream in fridge overnight or if you forgot to chill the bowl place bowl and beaters into freezer for 10min. (or at very least put them into the fridge for 10min if you forgot and dont have freezer room).this will make it faster and easier to whip. Scoop out only the top solid part for the whip. Save the watery part below for smoothies.

With a hand mixer or stand mixer with whisk attachment whip until slightly fluffy, for varied flavors mix in vanilla extract, lemon, lime or orange zest, maple syrup or sugar,cinnamon, etc as desired. If you have a stand mixer a little melted coconut butter can be integrated for richer frosting. If desired top with toasted shredded coconut.


Pumpkin spice version: add 1/4-3/4 tsp (to taste) of pumpkin pie spice (diy recipe in the link) plus generous cinnamon and maple syrup to taste. serve with dairy free pumpkin pie with coconut oil pie crust.

Orange coconut whipped cream: add a few drops of orange oil and grated orange zest. Great on fruit salads and I use this one on my champagne or rose wine jello cups and on my mango jello.

Mojito coconut whip: add lime zest and a tiny bit of lime juice plus generous sugar to taste

Lemon coconut whip: add lemon oil and lemon zest plus sugar to taste

Chocolate coconut whipped cream/ chocolate mousse with coconut whipped cream version: add 3.5-5 tbsp (to taste) of cocoa pdr plus a tsp vanilla extract. Add (coconut) sugar or maple syrup to taste. You may be tempted to eat it straight as a simple chocolate mousse!

For keto chocolate coconut whip use preffered sweetener such as a tiny pinch of Stevia

or instead of cocoa powder and coconut milk, use canned coconut cream (for more cream for a dessert of its own) plus 60-90 grams (to darkness preference) of good quality melted chocolate chips or chocolate bar can be added after a minute or two of whipping the coconut (such as by Enjoy Life brand, i dont recommend using dairy free baking chocolate or only a little as it can be bitter) (and coconut sugar or sugar) can be integrated into the whip for chocolate coconut whippped cream thats almost mousse like.

see how I use dark dairy free chocolate and coconut whip to create a chocolate mousse cake here.

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