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Homemade oat milk recipe

Super easy diy oat milk recipe ready in minutes and all you need is simple wholesome ingredients already in your pantry and kitchen: oats and water! no preservatives are added when you make your own homemade plant-milk! to make it perfect and silky smooth just one extra step is required after blending, but its optional.

While people are stockpiling flour and worrying about flour shortages and price spikes, they forget that a case of large bags of oats is helpful to add to your stockpiling grocery shopping list not only for use in oatmeal but because you can use it in muffins or grind it up in a food processor into oat flour for oat bread. You can also make oat milk as in my homemade oat milk recipe. Honestly I’ve had 10 kg of oats before all to myself, and they don’t go bad all year and get used in many recipes once you have them such as granola.

If you’ve read my previous post on how Starbucks is getting on the plant-based movement and partnering with Oatly to bring you oat milk and more plant-milk drink options at 1300 of their cafes, then you may be curious how to make oat milk to taste it for yourself in your coffee, lattes, vegan protein shakes and drinks. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but for my friend who is, Oat milk is my friend’s favorite plant milk, as not everyone is as crazy about the creamy consistency of coconut as I am so this is a dairy free, coconut-free, nut-free alternative milk option!

Unlike Barrista oat milk which has a ton of emulsifiers to whip well, homemade oat milk has no added emulsifiers. Emulsifiers in small amounts are normal, but I’ve heard of latte drinkers saying the barrista version of oat milk has more and ends up upsetting their stomach. This is since oats have no fat and need extra emulsifiers for whipping. Regular diy oat milk froths well on its own when fresh.

What does oat milk taste like? well take a guess, like oats! but when incorporated as an oat milk creamer or into another recipe, oat milk is a lovely non-dairy creamer/milk alternative. It can also be used in hot chocolate though I prefer a dairy-free creamy hot chocolate with coconut milk like this recipe.

Its a nice creamer option and this recipe yields smooth, non-slimy oat milk.


1 cup rolled oats (if you cant have gluten use certified gf oats)

4 cups water

pinch sea salt

optional: maple syrup or 1-2 medjool dates, pitted (omit if using oat milk in a savory recipe), pinch of ground cardamom for lassi flavor, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract or a scoop of vanilla protein powder

optional: 1/3 cup strawberries or raspberries


blend everything in a high speed blender then if desired strain through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth over a bowl to get smoother texture. enjoy inside coffee drinks and lattes, or blend with berries and protein powder for a plant-based shake. Store leftover plant milk in a jug with an airtight lid in the fridge.

tip: I use a bottle brush to clean out narrow milk bottles.

Use oat milk in smoothies, lattes, or us plain oat milk (just oats and water) to make dairy-free and vegan bechamel sauce for lasagna, etc.

is oat milk good for you and healthy? well homemade oat milk is just made up of oats wihtout preservatives, so it has the same nutrient profile as oats, being a soothing, high fibre, carb-based plant milk thats fat-free and a dairy-free creamer, so its healthy than storebought creamer or cafe creamer. its great for those with dietary restrictions like those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy, nuts and coconut, as well those who can’t have fat due to surgery. is oat milk healthier than other milks? depends on your needs, i like healthy fats in my diet so if you want to add healthy fats and protein add a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a spoon of mct oil and red berries to make it a complete and healthy protein shake!

is oat milk keto or paleo? no keto and paleo diets are grain-free, and keto diet is low carb (even to the exclusion of fruit) this is a vegan milk and creamer though!

check out my previous post on the Starbucks launch of new plant milk based drinks and options including yours truly, oat milk!

Regarding common questions: When I get a chance I will try to review some store bought oat milks and plant milks including Planet Oat and So Delicious oat milk. They are not available everywhere yet, but on the rise and trending.

starbucks oatly oat milk

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