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Simple Fresh mango juice cocktail

Oh quarantine neighbor was carrying a full martini glass in the street the other day along with some dinner she was bringing to her son. I shouted out my window (you know the normal thing to do these days :P) and asked her about it. She told me its a quarantini. I asked her what makes it that. She replied, “its a martini that you drink alone”. Lol of course 😛

I didn’t have ot many ingredients so this simple quarantine cocktail is not quite a quarantini martini, but a delicious drink nonetheless!

2 Large ataulfo (or 3 small ataulfo) or 2 tommy atkins/keitt mangoes, peeled, chopped (or sub bottled mango nectar, available online and in some markets)

2 Cups or so mango juice (or mango nectar for more pulpy sweet mango juice)

white rum or vodka (2 shots or less), optional, you don’t need to make it very alcoholic if you don’t want to


Optional add ons: dash lime juice, 1/4 cup coconut milk, sugar, bottled mango nectar

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