Anti-inflammatory diet

Immune supporting foods, teas and smoothies

So far there is no cure nor magic pill for the Coronavirus but the WHO, doctors and every grandma with common sense are all recommending you to eat healthy and eat enough vitamin-rich, nutrient dense whole foods to keep a healthy immune system. Although the term “immune boost” is a misnomer, as the body tightly regulates immunity to protect itself (otherwise a “boosted” immune system would mean automimmune disorders etc), eating healthy and sleeping enough have been repeatedly stressed by specialists and doctors as the single most effective ways of supporting your immune system (helping your immune system function normally as it should rather than “boosting” it). Of course its also important to have relaxation and self-care time, as well as exercise and to follow proper hygiene in this time too.

Here are a few easy ways to get in more vitamins as well as immune-boosting foods and anti-inflammatory foods. And these immune-boosting smoothies and homemade herbal tonics infused with ginger, turmeric and fruit actually taste delicious! And being plant-based and dairy free they will not add to inflammation. I personally love this vegan protein powder flavor and texture.

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Turemeric golden latte recipe. I also make turmeric golden oatmeal a similair way for a hot soothing and anti-inflammatory breakfast with honey, perfect for flu season and when your throat is irritated from too much disinfectants.

Or a fresh turmeric root and ginger root tea. Add extra ginger if you like to have that warming sensation in your throat and more benefits. I like to let the tea cool a bit before adding lemon juice as Vit-C is heat sensitive. (And a little anecdote-ginger can make you warm for a while, but doesn’t necessarily mean you have a fever! lol i got worried for a second til I put two and two together!)

Fruit-the original “fast food”, vitamin, and natural sweetener

Healthy, immune-boosting vitamin-rich smoothies and protein shakes that are dairy-free and therefore great anti-inflammatory smoothies. For a full list of a whole variety of different smoohties click the above link. It includes vitamin C-rich and vitamin-rich fruits, and antioxidant-rich berries of all colours and also includes a tropical turmeric shake and a mango ginger shake. Strawberry smoothies, papaya smoothies, pineapple ginger smoothies, banana smoothies, mango smoothies, tropical avocado smoothie bowl, mango lassis and much more! I like to add a little lime juice to my mango smoothies and other smoothies now for extra Vitamin C. Lemon water is also a good way to get Vit C, but don’t overdo it or have it in one go. My dentist said people who overdo it can lose enamel from too much constant acid in the mouth. everything in moderation. I personally love this vegan protein powder flavor and texture.

Every fruit and food has different benefits. top smoothie bowls with nuts and seeds for more nutrients and protein.

tip for leftover smoothies and meal prep of smoothies: make smoothie cubes in an ice cube tray and cover it! make sure your freezer ice tray area keeps it frozen, as some are a little weak, and don’t block airflow at the back of the freezer in general by overstuffing it!

and for a hot treat for the kids a gingerbread spiced hot chocolate. add extra ginger if you like for more benefits and heat.

gut healing bone broth is also great to sip on for anit-inflammatory benefits.

generally getting a variety of food from every macro-nutrient group and micro-nutrient group, and a variety of colors of produce is a good rule of thumb. enough healthy fat, protein including legumes, whole foods, fresh and frozen produce etc.

and of course a few things your grandparents would recommend: garlic, onions, ginger, and enough rest! Laughter and sleep were called the best medicine for a reason, they help de-stress and have a healthy immune system.

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