Anti-inflammatory diet

The best dairy-free, healthy smoothies and protein shakes

The best smoothies of 2019 to start your 2020 off right!

Dairy-free, paleo and vegan recipe ideas!

Super healthy smoothies to start the new year 2020 off with healthy recipes and meal prep ideas!

Aiming for a sugar free January full of real foods, whole foods, vitamins and antioxidants? Of course these are all-natural, sugar free recipes that are naturally sweet from fruit, made with plant milks and plant based yogurt like almond milk and almond yogurt or coconut milk and coconut yogurt. Plus they are a great way to add healthy fats to breakfast!

So if after all the holiday party drinks and foods you are trying to detox, but without any extreme cleanse or diet, just a healthy well-rounded diet including healthy smoothies, try some of the delicious smoothies below, because you know nobody ever regrets eating more berries and whole foods like avocado or coconut!

Yummy green smoothie bowl

If you are looking for a healthy, tasy vegan protein powder for your protein shakes I personally love this vegan protein powder for its flavour and smooth texture.

For a tropical green smoothie bowl try this avocado pineapple smoothie bowl. Full of MUFAS (healthy fats) and vitamins for glowing skin inside out without costmetics!

Try this absolutely delicious berry almond lassi, a probiotic rich and delicious yogurt based smoothie with antioxidants from berries.

or this yummy orange strawberry smoothie

or this raspberry almond protein shake

or for an anti-inflammatory smoothie try this turmeric fruit smoothie

or for another anti inflammatory smoothie with plant based protein powder try this pina colada protein shake. A healthy protein shake you will actually really enjoy!

an antioxidant rich acai berry smoothie bowl

or this fuschia colored tropical smoothie bowl

a Mango smoothie with coconut or a mango protein shake with plant yogurt. Like many of the smoothies listed its banana free for a change!

or a frozen peach lassi with dairy free plant yogurt for a probiotic-rcih breakfast on the go!

Vitamin C-loaded papaya coconut smoothie, such a creamy smoothie without dairy!

or a pineapple lassi smoothie, also a great anti inflammatory smoothie made with coconut yogurt and with a protein shake option

for a delicious protein rich smoothie with peanut butter and energizing cacao powder try this healthy Snickers smoothie

or this delicious sugar free and dairy free mango lassi

Dairy free vegan Mango lassi with coconut

Or for a bold fuschia tropical smoothie bowl try this superfood smoothie bowl with frozen pitaya.

If you are looking for a healthy, tasy vegan protein powder for your protein shakes I personally love this vegan protein powder for its flavour and smooth texture.

Looking for more anti-inflammatory recipes to fit paleo and vegan diets? although this Turmeric golden milk recipe is not a smoothie as it is a warming beverage, with the amount of anti inflammatory turmeric and ginger in it, and the fact that it’s a hot beverage perfect for winter and for a sore throat and cold cure, I had to include it in this list of healthiest beverages for winter. It’s also great for an anti-inflammatory diet plan and its easy and quick to make. Of course this turmeric golden milk is Dairy free so it’s even better for a cold.

So try one of these delicious drinks, dairy free protein shakes and healthy smoothies that are perfect for your New Year’s diet and 2020 goals!

Stay tuned for more healthy smoothies, I will be posting lots in January and months to come!

If you are looking for clean eating January these recipes will not let you down!

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