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Dairy free Mango lassi

cant go somewhere exotic yet? have an exotic lassi instead 🙂
Make restaurant quality mango lassis or bannana lassis without the dairy! Only fresh mangoes and coconut are used for natural sweetness (though canned mango puree can be subbed). Made with coconut yogurt and healthy fats plus almost minty cardamom its the best smoothie you’ll ever have, guaranteed!

Mango or banana lassi ingredients:

330 ml coconut milk, full fat or sweetened carton from fridge

2 lg mangoes such as tommy atkins(or 3-4 ataulfo) or 4 large bananas

2/3-1 cup coconut yogurt(if you add over 2/3 cup you may want to add sweetener or coconut water to add sweetness)

Pinch ground cardamom Or 1/2 tsp cardamom seeds

Tbsp rosewater, optional, persian markets have it for $3 (its also said to be stress relieving, and it adds exotic floral hints to the drink)

Coconut water ice cubes or regular crushed ice

If desired for sweeter (esp if using more yogurt)1/4 cup coconut water or sugar or honey

Pistachios for garnish

Optional : 1/4 cup Crushed coconut water ice cubes (use coconut water icecubes to not dilute flavour and sweetness or add sweetner to taste later or a dash of chilled coconut water for natural sweetness if you want it sweeter)

Recipe directions: blend all in a blender. Garnish with pistachios or toasted coconut if desired.

If you like this recipe and share it tag me on instagram @dairyfreeindulgencerecipes #dairyfreeindulgencerecipes (i know the name is long but dairyfreeindulgence was already taken on insta!) , I’d love to see your versions of my recipe 🙂

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