Stockpiling list (essentials for safe re-opening, commuting, studying and working from home, home workouts, kids, etc.)

Here is a stockpiling grocery list and essentials list. This also takes into consideration re-opening and that more people will be working and outdoors. This means that certain items will get used up more and with frequent hand washing and sanitizing, hands can become dry and cracked, so I recommend some solutions below which I find helpful. It is also good to pack one’s own lunch, snacks and water to limit contamination and save money. 2020 is the year of becoming more self-sufficient.

Unlike past posts, this list includes universal American and Canadian Amazon links-these are Amazon items ( I have nothing to do with the payment), and they come at no additional cost to you.

If you can’t see the images turn off thead-blocker or use a browser without it on. The images are clickable links.

Biking gear/Safe transit and commuting alternative

If you plan to bike instead of taking crowded transit, in rainy, cold weather a good bike jacket helps

Biking helmet. The images are clickable Amazon links, where one can read reviews and compare (if you don’t see the images, turn off ad blocker or use another browser without ad blocker.)

Safety and PPE

Face shields

Sanitizer (always double check for 70% alcohol or more). The images are links

A mini sewing machine (for mask making) The image is a link.

Contactless Soap dispenser.

Pulse oximeter, read more about it and why it is medically recommended in this article

Dry hand care

hand cream, because as we get out more and hand wash and sanitize more, our hands will get more dry and crackly

Cotton gloves to wear at night on top of hand cream to moisturize dry hands

Stockpiling essentials

(Hand soap or hand soap refills, paper towels)

A bathroom step garbage can with a lid keeps all the disinfectant smell at bay to irritate sinuses less, I find. It’s also good in workplaces where people dispose of masks and gloves.

simplehuman Round Bathroom Step Trash Can Brushed Stainless Steel, 4.5 Liter / 1.2 Gallon

Studying or working from home

Ipad tablet stand arm or phone arm for video conferencing and Zoom chats

Home workout, activities

yoga pants

Amazon Prime Video, Audiobooks, Stream music

For those who are auditory learners and multitaskers, audiobooks are a great way to learn while doing dishes, disinfecting, cooking, etc.

Kid’s activities and baking

A stand mixer for dough making and bread baking made easy and quick by doing the kneading for you (the image is a link)

or a danish dough whisk if you prefer doing it by hand

Food storage and packing lunches

herb keeper. the images are links

Produce saver container

Some lunch box ice packs

Or a freezer lunch bag with built in ice packs which won’t add moisture-I have this brand and I like it, it keeps things food safe (keep cold foods cold).

A kids water bottle pack (also available as one single bottle).

Canadian equivalent

And a reusable water bottle and tea/coffee thermos for yourself.

Freezer safe, oven safe, microwave safe lunch containers (image is a link)

If you stocked up on dried beans and legumes as well as frozen meats, an Instant Pot will make your life easier as you can cook up dried beans in minutes, etc.. For tips on choosing the right Instant Pot and accessories see this review.


Double check for dairy free, vegan supplements, if needed, as links can change

Vit D, vegan (all supplements are taken at one’s own discretion and risk. So far Vit D is said to help support the immune system, but this is such a novel virus, that no one can guarantee anything. It is howver good for calcium absorption, and good to take on a dairy-free diet.)

Zinc (image is a clickable link)

If your gut health has been a mess due to the quarantine and pandemic stress Probiotics (vegan) can really help improve digestion.

Also making homemade yogurt is easy (especially in the Instant Pot with yogurt maker feature, see the review here and check out this Vegan Yogurt starter (US link) or the Canadian link for yoghurt starter here). Keep in mind that vegan yogurt when made with plant milk does not contain the lactose and protein to thicken on its own which is why a vegan thickener such as agar agar (a healthy vegan alternative to gelatin) is used in vegan yogurt. It is also better to start with canned coconut milk or thick homemade nut milk/cream not thin carton milk. Don’t worry it’s still healthy, real yogurt full of probiotic cultures. (some of the people in the reviews seem to just have winged it with a traditional non-vegan yogurt recipe and were surprised it was thin-but the issue is with how it is used.)

For the from scratch cook: a food processor is great if you like to make homemade foods from scratch (and therefore reduce risk of handling during the pandemic). One can make foods such as hummus, nutbutter, sorbet, pastry and dough, diy oat flour from rolled oats, and diy almond flour, see this food processor review)

As for more snacks and cooking/baking ingredients check out this allergen-free, grocery list (nut-free and safe for back to school snacks and lunches).

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