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Homemade Almond Milk (no soaking!)

this almond milk recipe produces creamy nutritious almond milk!

Homemade almond milk is not only safer these quarantine days, but creamier and less diluted with water, emulsifiers and preservatives, meaning you actually get all the protein and nutrients you would from eating that amount of almonds, as well as healthy fats-and you can tell the difference in how creamy it is!

Two simple ways to make diy almond milk: easy 3 minute way from almond flour (no soaking, ready in minutes without prepping ahead and no straining required after!) or the traditional way of making nut milk from whole almonds, soaked overnight.

Quick easy almond flour diy almond milk method:

1 scant cup (blanched) almond flour (just less than a cup) (see here for simple homemade almond flour recipe, make a big batch ahead and scoop as needed into smoothies)

2 cups water

blend in high speed blender for 1:30 mins then give the blender a short break and blend again for 1-1:30 minutes, until smooth. If needed strain through nut milk bag (or blend again until smooth, since there are no almond skins here it doesn’t necessarily need straining).

If desired add maple syrup or raw honey and vanilla extract to taste or 1-2 vanilla stevia drops. You can alternatively use this method straight in smoothies, adding fresh or frozen berries and fruit as you blend, and omitting the sweeteners since fruit and protein powder are sweet.

If not using right away keep in the fridge in airtight container such as this glass jug with airtight lid (also great for keeping water or juice), its tall so you can make extra nut milk but a perfect square size for fridges. give it a shake when it seperates.

Variation: add a drop of almond extract and/or add a pinch of ground cardamom.

Chocolate almond milk: add cacao powder and preferred sweetener such as 1-2 medjool dates. Or simply a scoop of chocolate & greens protein powder.

Traditional diy almond milk recipe:

cup almonds (regular or raw, they need not be roasted), soaked for 4-8hrs,or one hour in very hot water, then drained n rinsed well

4.5 cups filtered Water

2-5 medjool dates, pitted, or maple syrup or 1-4 vanilla stevia drops, to taste (omit this and omit vanilla for plain mylk for savory recipes)

Scraped vanilla bean or tsp Vanilla extract

pinch sea salt

Place the nuts and water in a high speed blender and blend for 1:30 minutes to two minutes, stopping in between to give the blender a break. strain through a Nut milk bag over a large bowl.

pour into an airtight container such as this glass jug with airtight lid and keep refrigerated for 3-4 days. give it a shake when it seperates.

Mix it with turmeric latte powder to make a dairy free golden milk latte.

For Raspberry almond milk, strawberry almond milk, and other flavoured almond milk: try Sugar free, Natural Flavours with naturally flavoured stevia drops. I have the raspberry flavour and I love it, it’s great to add to unsweetened yogurt for flavour and sweetness. Just a drop or two will do, and it lasts all year. (Also great in homemade berry or fruit Jello without sugar or artificial flavours.)

tip: I use a bottle brush to wash out my milk bottles.

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