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Diy chocolate hazelnut butter

fresh out of the processor so you can see the oil as at the top of any nutbutter jar, but in the fridge it sets and solidifies

So its quarantine and your kids or the kid in you are getting sick and tired of the same ol’ breakfast and homemade snacks? Try this chocolate hazelnut butter spread recipe on top of toast- like Nutella but without sugar (unless you add a pinch to make it more Nutella like!)

Chocolate and hazelnuts were born to go together- but even hazelnut butter alone has a chocolatey taste and is a healthy protein-packed breakfast spread that’s kid-friendly (and adults will love).

And if you don’t have hazelnuts, bookmark and use this recipe to make almond butter or any nutbbuter, the directions are the same. Roast the nuts if not already roasted, then process and mix in desired ingredients.

yield: 2 cups nuts makes about 1 cup nutbutter


2 cups roasted hazelnuts or for a cheaper idea roast raw hazelnuts yourself (variation: other roasted nuts such as roasted almonds or regular almonds to roast yourself, for almond butter, you can also do a mix of hazelnut-almond butter to make it economical yet have hazelnuty taste.)

tbsp. coconut oil

Optional additions: cocoa powder and preferred sugar/sweetener (such as maple syrup) to taste. or a pinch of cinnamon.


If not already roasted or salted then roast the nuts for better processing: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spread hazelnuts on a parchment paper lined large sheet pan in one layer. Sprinkle with salt and roast for 10-14 min or til golden, stirring halfway. Cool the nuts about ten minutes and if you wish rub off the hazelnut skins (I don’t bother but many of mine are already partly peeled off).

Add to a standard sized food processor that can handle nutbutter (this is the best and quickest food processor for nutbutters, but there are other cheaper options that can be seen in my food processor reviews post), along with a tbsp or two of coconut oil. Process, stopping and scraping down the sides wiht a spatula. Add more oil if needed for your processor to blend smoothly. optional: add cocoa/cacao powder to taste, the more you add of cocoa, which is bitter, the more sweetener you will need (I find up to 1 tbsp is fine without any sweetener).

Use a narrow spatula to scrape out and transfer nutbutter to a jar with an airtight lid and seal. keep refridgerated for up to two months.

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