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Mexican Black bean and quinoa salad (Instant Pot)

A simple Taco Tuesday salad that can also be wrapped up in a tortilla as a healthy quinoa and black bean burrito wrap. Mango , avocado and salsa add juiciness and flavour, plus extra nutrients and vitamins. Using the Instant Pot makes cooking beans super quick instead of taking hours on the stove-top and it’s healthy to use dried beans, plus dried legumes and dired beans are cheaper than canned beans. By cooking the beans with salt and seasonings it helps the beans absorb the flavour instead of being as bland and unsalty on the inside. However for a shortcut canned black beans will do in a pinch.

A nice Mexican style dinner or lunch to please even the gluten-free vegan.

For those who don’t have a fridge this vegan, high-protein lunch or dinner is a nice lunch to pack outside. Or for other lunches I recommend this freezer lunch bag.

a healthy, juicy nacho dip

For the Instant Pot Mexican black beans:

1 tbsp neutral oil such as avocado oil

1 cup dried black beans
(yields approx. 3 cups cooked beans)

2 cups/ 473 ml water

1/3 tsp chipotle powder (less if you don’t like heat or omit for kid-friendly)

3/4 tsp blended chili powder (to taste)

2/3 tsp cumin

1/3 tsp garlic powder

sea salt

To assemble with:

2 cups cooked quinoa (tips and recipe for Instant Pot quinoa or stovetop quinoa here) (If you wish to make both the beans and quinoa in the Instant Pot it’s handy to have a second IP pot liner– this also comes in handy if you are making both meat and rice separately in the Instant Pot)

Optional: 1/4-1/2 tsp chipotle powder or blended chili powder, or more to taste

1/4 tsp cumin powder, to taste/optional, I love lots of cumin for smokey taste esp. with quinoa, Mexican black beans and mango salsa

sea salt

2-3 avocados, diced

1 large mango, diced

lime juice, ample, cover avocado in lime juice first then add extra to the salad

7-9 tbsp salsa (such as pineapple tomato salsa to suit the mango)

few cilantro leaves, diced

optional add-ons (that I didn’t have during the quarantine picture so I made up for it with salsa): corn kernels, diced red bell pepper, diced red onion.

optional: tsp or more of neutral oil such as avocado oil, olive oil is too strong for mango I find

if desired, tortillas to make a burrito, or wraps/ or nachos for dipping into


Instant Pot Directions:

If you remember soak beans overnight to get rid of anti-nutrients and make them easier to digest. Soaking also reduces cooking time. Drain and rinse the next day.

Add beans to the Instant Pot.

If using unsoaked beans pressure cook on high pressure for 25 minutes then use the natural release method for 5 minutes, then hit/swipe the vent to release the rest of the steam. (If using presoaked beans, pressure cook for 5-6 minutes then use Natural release method until all the steam is gone about 20 minutes or so.)

Using silicone mitts, carefully lift out the instant pot liner pot. if needed use a colander to drain the beans. spoon into a bowl. Let cool.

Taste test. Adjust seasoning and salt to taste. Stir in lime juice, cooked quinoa, mango, avocado, oil and cilantro. Adjust seasoning and salt to taste, stir and serve as a salad bowl or in wraps or with nachos.

For more info on choosing an Instant Pot size and accessories for this multicooker see this review post.

Fun Fact: When JLo was asked about her healthy diet and anti-aging secrets, she said she likes to eat beans and quinoa as a healthy meal reminiscent of Puerto Rican rice and beans. Now these aren’t Puerto Rican style beans, but I do agree one can’t go wrong with a quinoa and bean protein packed superfood bowl!

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