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2020, a boiling point

There have been some things under the surface all along and perhaps 2020 is not only bringing them to light, but forcing us, collectively to open up and have difficult conversations and realizations. We are not even half way through the year yet, so who know what other lessons this year may bring about injustices, the human condition and discriminatory societal constructs of all marginalized persons.

Sadly, historically, humankind changes most as a result of learning from difficult and sometimes horrible situations (ex. after WW2 everyone learned the danger of nationalism, fascism, carrying out violent orders without agreeing morally/or being brainwashed in Nazi times, about discrimination and objectification of persons in order to not feel empathy for them when the governement would discriminate against them, etc). It is sad that it takes a horrifying situation to wake up to what we value in leaders and In ourselves. It should not take a crisis to start asking difficult questions and trying to grow into better people and societies that want the equal wellbeing of all, and to look out for the wellbeing and fair treatment of all vulnerable and marginalized people such as black people, people with disabilities, etc., who often struggle silently in the best of times, let alone in hard times like 2020. Many people may struggle more than ever in 2020 from the after-effects of this year and many are becoming more open to sharing and listening to real life struggles of all kinds, some of which have really been there all along, but they are reaching a peak in this hard time. Let us be there for each other in a non-judgemental way that comes from seeking deeper understanding of each individual’s own pain and hardship, that we may not truly understand as we haven’t lived their struggles for years and years. And where applicable letters to the government and peaceful protests can bring the change we need to see.

United we stand. Divided we fall. We are only all in this together- if we acknowledge that some are in harder situations than others and we need to give a voice and to use our voice to help the voiceless and oppressed.

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